Automate engagements and workflows

Scale and personalize your engagements and processes.

Make a bigger impact on more customers with ChurnZero’s machine learning tools, AI, in-app communications, and industry-leading automation.

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Automate engagement and processes throughout the customer lifecycle, using data and segmentation to ensure that every engagement reflects each customer’s progress, goals, and needs.



Manage the entire customer lifecycle with ease. ChurnZero’s repeatable, customized Journeys help you guide customers efficiently through the projects and processes across all use cases.

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In-app communications

Engage your customers when they’re focused on your product. ChurnZero’s in-app messaging lives within your native application so you can target customers with the right message, at the ideal time.

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Introduce customers to your product with engaging, in-app guides. Highlight new features, provide tips and tricks, celebrate milestones, and display valuable content.

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Kickstart your customer engagement with our library of Customer Success engagement templates, created by Customer Success experts. You’ll never need to start from scratch again.

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Customer Success AI

Customer Success AI™ is your team’s new creative partner for creating content, synthesizing customer touchpoints, improving personalization and automation, and ideating strategy on demand.

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“I love the ‘set it and forget it’ nature of ChurnZero. We can build workflows for customer outreach ahead of time without doing much data analysis. Creating segments to meet criteria and being able to reach customers proactively is one of the main benefits to us. ChurnZero has helped us to streamline customer communication across the board. We can efficiently onboard our customers and speak more intelligently to sustain long-standing customers.”

– Alyssa R, Senior customer experience manager, via G2

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