Centralized data

A single hub for your customer data and insights.

ChurnZero’s Customer Success software gives your CS team—and your whole company—access to customer data when and where they need it.

Command Center icon

Command Center

A daily dashboard to start your team’s day with every task and to-do list in a prioritized, comprehensive, and customizable view.



Manage customers more efficiently at scale. Use segmentation to surface at-risk customers, analyze usage behavior, track trends, target upsells, and create more personal engagement.

profiles and account insights

Customer profiles

Get a holistic view of every customer’s information within one space to track, analyze, plan, and execute strategic initiatives. See account-level engagements and metrics, or dive into specific user details and data at the contact level.

custom dashboard

Dashboards and reports

Give your executives and other teams a real-time view of critical customer data and KPIs through robust and customizable reports that don’t require a login to use.

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Collaboration chatbots

Collaborate when and where you need to. Our chatbot allows teams throughout your organization to quickly look up customer information and insights through Slack or Microsoft Teams.

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Real-time alerts

Stay updated on customer health and product usage activity. ChurnZero’s real-time alerts ensure that you’re there for your customers when it matters, and that you never miss an important event.

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Data access everywhere

Share data with your entire organization via exports and integrations.

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five stars

“ChurnZero has become the single source of truth for our client data and is therefore used across departments to share crucial information. This rich and customized database can be queried and filtered using the excellent segments feature which has the power to consolidate and filter the data you have, to answer real-world business questions.”   

Asif I., Vice President, Services & Operations, via G2

Improve team productivity

Customer Success AI™

Increase automation and personalization across the customer lifecycle with Customer Success AI™.


ChurnZero’s library of customizable templates lets you increase consistency and efficiency.  You’ll never have to start from scratch again.

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Get a single view of your customer information  to track, analyze, plan, and execute strategic initiatives.