Customer Success Reporting

Share Data with Customers and Internal Teams

ChurnZero reporting takes your expansive customer data and transforms it into comprehensive yet easy-to-consume dashboards. The Customer Success reports provide a view into the health of your customer base including the ability to drill down into more detail to drive effective change across critical touch points.

ChurnZero Customer Success Platform - Reporting Dashboard

Track Your Customers’ Health

Track your customer’s growth, trends, product usage, account health, and more with ChurnZero’s robust dashboards and reports. Effectively manage your customers, share customer insights across your company, and grow your team with better insights.

With our robust Customer Success reporting tools, your team will have the information they need to understand and proactively manage their customers.
Screenshot of Event Reporting in ChurnZero
You can also easily export data to create your own Customer Success reports using Live Exports powered by ChurnZero Segments.

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