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After you successfully onboard a customer, your job as a Customer Success team is not over. The next stage in the lifecycle is to encourage meaningful customer engagement to drive user adoption. By making sure your customers are getting the most value out of the features and functionality available to them, your organization will benefit from higher retention rates and customer satisfaction.

The ChurnZero product adoption platform will help get your customers hooked on your value.

A key component of driving user adoption is understanding how your customers are using and, maybe more importantly, not using your product. Gaining data insights like logins, time spent in-app, and event tracking helps your team monitor product usage on both a contact and an account level.

The best time to organically drive product adoption is when your customers are the most engaged – when they are using your software. By using in-app messages, you can easily reach your customers with embedded communications inside your application to deliver targeted messages to the right customers at the right time.

If a customer is unaware of a product feature, they are not going to realize the full potential of your platform. By using multi-step WalkThroughs and tooltips, you can guide your users through new and unused features or even showcase the application to new users. You can also track customer interaction with the WalkThroughs to create further automation to deepen adoption.

If you are looking for a way to gauge adoption on an account level, you can use customer health scores to factor in and track product usage. This allows you to see trends over time as well as identify gaps where you need to take action as a Customer Success Manager. You can also use health scores to measure your customers’ overall satisfaction with your product which will have a play in adoption.
Keep your customers informed with targeted in-app messages alerting them of new product add-ons they might be interested in. You can also easily guide your free trial users to paying customers using WalkThroughs.

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