Customer Profiles

Your customer information in one unified view. 


ChurnZero’s Customer Profiles give you a single view of all your customer information, and a centralized space to track, analyze, plan, and execute strategic initiatives. See account-level engagements and metrics, and dive into specific user details and data at the contact level. Streamline your workflows with an interactive timeline of every customer engagement and action, both historical and upcoming, in chronological order. 

Customer profile dashboard

Streamline your team’s day-to-day workflow with Customer Profiles. 

  • Boost productivity: Your team can work directly from the interactive Customer Profile page where the data lives. Review customer information and metrics, assign and complete tasks, and add important updates directly.

  • Enhance efficiency: With a customizable timeline and the ability to configure custom data into each Customer Profile, your team always has access to the information they need most. 

  • Access insights easily: Customer Profile pages house everything from day-to-day activity to complex data, giving your team a unified view of all information that makes collaboration and updates easier.

Customer Profiles provide your team with an organized repository of all customer information, with everything you need to know in one space:

  • Meetings and engagements  
  • Actions and alerts 
  • Customer health scores 
  • Customer reports and usage data  
  • Journey tracking and progress 
  • Customer satisfaction scores  
  • Account details and notes


Learn more about Customer Profiles

Learn more about Customer Profiles