Return on (Customer Success Platform) Investment

You’ve probably heard before that it’s 4x more expensive to sell to new customers than existing customers. But here’s the ugly truth: Customer Success has a waste problem too. Every missed customer outreach opportunity – whether it’s a product usage slip, strategic conversation, or upcoming renewal – shrinks your recurring revenue, your expansion potential, and your perceived value.

Get to Know Your Customers
 Start getting to know your customers – at scale – with Customer Success automation.
Become attuned to their needs so you outshine them every time.
Turn upsells and cross-sells into a more authentic experience.
Make every touchpoint matter because it does.  


These calculators simulate the potential return on investment you could realize by investing in the ChurnZero Customer Success Platform.
Revenue ROI
Displays the additional revenue your team could preserve vs. your investment in ChurnZero
Expansion Opportunities
Calculate the impact ChurnZero will have on your existing expansion opportunities
Efficiency Gains
Learn how improvements in team efficiency can enable your team to manage bigger books of business
ROI Resources for Customer Success
Check out these relevant resources from Fighting Churn, the Customer Success blog with ideas and inspiration on retaining customers, and around the web.

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