Customer Onboarding Software

Customer retention and churn prevention start at the beginning of a customer’s journey with your company during onboarding. The initial interactions between your customer, your product, and your Customer Success team establish the groundwork to jumpstart success (or accelerate failure).

Looking to crack the code on customer onboarding? The ChurnZero customer onboarding platform can help automate common onboarding activities and encourage your customer to embrace your product to position them for long-term success.

Many moving pieces go into an onboarding journey, including requirements gathering, technical implementation, configuration, and training. Setting timelines and tracking progress for each of these important milestones establishes clear expectations for your internal and external processes and drives a successful onboarding.

If your team manually creates reminders, chances are you might be overlooking important to-dos. By automating task creation and assignment based on key data points and milestones, your team quickly accomplishes tasks to keep the customer moving forward in their onboarding journey.

Once customers have been added to an onboarding journey, you will want to track their overall progress. If a customer falls behind or becomes stuck, real-time alerts make it easy for Customer Success Managers or Implementation Specialists to identify the issue and get the customer back on track. You can also use this information to congratulate customers on achievements to keep them motivated in the onboarding process.

Automate Customer Engagements During Onboarding

Most of your communications during onboarding are going to follow a defined playbook for all or at least some segments of your customers. Save your team the burden of repeating routine tasks and communications during onboarding. Proactively engage customers with the ideal content at the right time in each stage using automated emails and in-app messages.

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A great customer onboarding experience is the first stop to higher retention rates.