ChurnZero’s Sustainability Plan

ChurnZero has earned GreenPlaces certification for taking action to become more sustainable and reduce its environmental impact. To earn GreenSpaces certification, companies are required to obtain an accurate carbon assessment, take action to reduce their environmental impact, and exercise transparency around all climate activity.

ChurnZero’s carbon footprint is just 136.7 metric tons of Co2—or the equivalent of the emissions released by 29 gasoline-powered cars driven for a year.  Read our complete sustainability assessment.

As a remote-first company, ChurnZero exemplifies the lower carbon footprint of a business with reduced commuting and office-associated emissions, and reduced office-associated waste such as paper, printer ink, water, and single-use plastics.

ChurnZero’s base-year assessment by GreenPlaces follows GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions from direct operations, purchased electricity, and indirect source

ChurnZero will continue to work with GreenPlaces, a leading sustainability platform, to verify and reduce its carbon emissions in the years ahead.