Customer Success AI™

Create Content and Generate Ideas Instantly

ChurnZero’s Customer Success AI™ is your CS team’s new creative partner for crafting content, brainstorming, and ideating on demand. Whether you need a cadence of emails, a call script or a list of strategy ideas, CS AI is always on hand to give you a first draft in seconds.

Customer Success AI prompt dashboard

How Customer Success AI works

Tell ChurnZero what you need.

Use the chat field to prompt CS AI with a quick description of the task, and let ChurnZero generate your first draft.

Review and refine.

Review your content to see how well it delivers, then refine it by giving CS AI further instructions. Ask for more details, fewer words, or even a translation—it’s up to you.

Copy, paste and customize.

When you’re happy with your CS AI content or ready to edit it on your own, just copy and paste it to wherever it needs to go.

What can Customer Success AI help you with?

  • Emails
  • External announcements
  • Internal messages
  • Training documentation
  • Implementation documentation
  • Best practice guidance
  • Meeting summaries (think logging an event after a client call)
  • Meeting agenda
  • Blog posts

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An industry first

“One of the biggest challenges Customer Success teams have is developing fresh content and ideating on best practices. While everyone ultimately gets it done, it’s faster and more effective with a partner who’ll do 50+% of the work by providing a first draft. With CS AI, ChurnZero becomes this partner for every Customer Success team.” You Mon Tsang, CEO and co-founder, ChurnZero. 

CS AI is the first generative artificial intelligence built into a Customer Success platform to ideate and create customer engagements, content, and strategy ideas on demand. Read more about Customer Success AI in the ChurnZero Newsroom.