Forecast renewals and predict churn risk

Respond faster to churn risks and expansion opportunities.

ChurnZero’s Customer Success software gives you the information you need to identify at-risk customers, see upsell opportunities quicker, and forecast revenue and renewals accurately.

Customer Health Score

Health scores

Keep an eye on customers at risk of non-renewal, and easily identify promoters.  Use Health Scores (we call them ChurnScores) to trigger alerts, plays, and journeys automatically to increase engagement and mitigate risk.

Renewal and forecast hub

Renewal and Forecast Hub

Purpose-built to help your CS team confidently predict retention and growth, Renewal Hub quantifies your direct influence on revenue, and ensures an accurate pipeline and strong results.

Success insights icon

Success Insights

Powered by machine learning, Success Insights analyzes historical customer data to identify at-risk accounts and factors for risk, enabling your teams to be more data-driven and proactive in the success of your customers.

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Customize and launch NPS, CSAT, CES or custom surveys to capture the sentiment of your customers throughout engagements and lifecycle milestones. Leverage ChurnZero’s in-app tools to launch directly within your platform to encourage participation.

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Customer Briefs

ChurnZero’s Customer Briefs, powered by Customer Success AI™, give you a customizable, holistic summary of any account’s attributes, health, usage, engagement, communications, and more with a single click.

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five stars

“I love the CSM dashboard that my manager was able to build out by utilizing ChurnZero. The dashboard shows me my current Accounts in Onboarding, any open escalations, a pie chart view of the general health of my clients divided by ChurnScore, upcoming renewals, changes in ChurnScore, etc. This dashboard has made me more organized in my daily activities, and I can’t imagine working without it now.

Matt H., Customer Success Manager, via G2

Improve team productivity

Customer Success AI™

Increase automation and personalization across the customer lifecycle with Customer Success AI™.


ChurnZero’s library of customizable templates lets you increase consistency and efficiency.  You’ll never have to start from scratch again.

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