Customer Success Surveys

Automate NPS®, CES and CSATs to get feedback fast

 ChurnZero’s integrated customer survey tool allows you to solicit feedback to measure sentiment and satisfaction with your product or business through today’s most popular Customer Success Management surveys: Net Promoter Score® (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) – or create your own custom survey. Customer Success surveys can be delivered through email and In-App Communications and can be integrated into health scoring so you can ensure customer satisfaction is being incorporated when looking at overall customer health.

Custom Surveys

Take your data-driven decisions to the next level with Custom Surveys by asking your customers anything, any way you like. Capture the voice of your customers using a variety of questions and easily deliver your surveys via email and/or within your application. 

You can then use your custom survey results throughout ChurnZero to integrate direct feedback into how you understand your customers and guide them towards success. 

Net Promoter Score®
Our NPS surveys enable teams to understand customer satisfaction at the individual contact level and at the account level to inform how best to engage with those customers. You can automate follow-up responses to surveys based on the rating given, allowing you to proactively engage an upset customer or solicit a review from a happy customer.
Customer Effort Score
Customer Effort Score (CES) measures the level of ease or difficulty of a customer’s experience with a product. Customers rank their experience on a seven-point scale. This survey helps to determine how much effort was required to use the product and how likely they are to fully adopt the solution and continue to pay for it.
Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) measures overall satisfaction with a product or service. It is calculated by asking a straightforward question to identify satisfaction levels. This survey question and rating scale can be fully customized and is measured by the percentage of responses that are “satisfied”.

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