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 We’re helping organizations understand how their customers use their product, assess their health and their likelihood to renew, and give businesses the means to personalize the customer experience. See the impact we can make together.

Customer Testimonials

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Businesses of all shapes and sizes trust ChurnZero to more proactively manage and expand their customer accounts – which means doubling your number of customers, doesn’t also mean you have to double your Customer Success team. Learn how we can help you scale today.


retention in first year


increase in Account-to-CSM Ratio


retention in nine months


reduction in customer
onboarding time


retention in 18 months


account growth with only 2x
CSM team growth

Best Relationship Award

From comments and reviews from actual users, ChurnZero has earned the highest relationship rating in G2’s Customer Success category.

Case Studies


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  • Case Study

    HackerRank eliminates one-to-one customer training with Northpass and ChurnZero

  • Case Study

    FreeWill scales with confidence and consistency during 5x ARR growth

  • Case Study

    GoCanvas increases gross retention by 20%+ during post-merger integration

  • Case Study

    Smoothwall reduces churn by 4% with new onboarding journey and health scores

  • Case Study

    HackerRank reduces churn for at-risk customers by 50% with ChurnZero + Pendo

  • Case Study

    MyShopManager reduces monthly paid subscription logo churn by 28%

  • Case Study

    SPINS Doubles 1:1 Customer Coverage with Playbooks

  • Case Study

    FlexyBox Increases Positive Customer Reviews and NPS With Playbooks

  • Case Study

    2x Increase in Customer Lifetime Value for Partnership Marketing Platform

  • Case Study

    SaaS EdTech Company Sees 70% Increase in User Adoption

  • Case Study

    Nylas Maintains 1% Churn With 3x Growth in Customer Base

  • Case Study

    Shortened Time to First Value for Woven Customers Two Months Post-Implementation

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