ABBYY personalizes the customer experience at scale using automation and CS AI™

ABBYY® is an AI company that combines innovation and experience to enable organizations to transform their data into intelligent, actionable outcomes. It is a recognized leader in intelligent document processing (IDP) and process mining by more than 10 industry analysts. ABBYY enables more than 10,000 companies globally, including many of the Fortune 500, to drive significant impact where it matters most: customer experience, operational excellence, and competitive advantage.


increase in account coverage


net revenue retention


NPS results and response rate

“Customer Success AI is a great tool.
It makes our lives so much easier.”




Pavlo Poliahushko, head of scaled customer success | ABBYY

The Challenge

ABBYY experienced rapid growth.

The company had to quickly expand its customer success team to keep up with demand. However, the team relied on manual processes and struggled to build and maintain relationships with the expanding customer base. “We were living off Excel spreadsheets and using them to manage customers,” said Nina Walker, head of customer experience at ABBYY. “It wasn’t scalable.”

Nina and the ABBYY team began looking for a platform to automate processes, gain visibility into customer engagements, track and report on performance, and implement playbooks to be more proactive with customers.

After evaluating ChurnZero and two other solutions, they ultimately chose ChurnZero for its flexibility and ease of implementation. “It’s been amazing working with ChurnZero,” said Nina. “The team is reliable, super proactive, and responsive. We’re thrilled with our choice.”

The Process

With the help of ChurnZero, ABBYY created solutions to:

  • Scale customer outreach and operations using ChurnZero plays. The team created plays that automate workflows and key engagement points in the customer lifecycle, from onboarding and Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) surveys to quarterly business reviews and product releases.
  • Personalize customer engagement at scale with Customer Success AI™ (CS AI™). Before CS AI, the team relied on standard templates for email outreach. “They were not conversational,” said Pavlo Poliahushko, head of scaled customer success. “It sounded like a robot. We wanted to humanize our digital engagements and with the help of CS AI, we did.” Pavlo even tested CS AI against a top, free generative AI tool by giving both tools the same request. “I received more user-friendly responses in CS AI,” said Pavlo. “You have to train the other tool to get proper results, and that takes time. But CS AI is already trained on customer success. The prompts that CS AI suggests are also very helpful.”
  • Offer proactive guidance and support to customers using alerts. The team stays on top of customer activity with alerts for support interactions, customer engagement, upsell opportunities, changes in product adoption, and upcoming renewals.
  • Gather and respond to customer feedback. ABBYY created an NPS drip campaign to monitor its entire customer base and create follow-up playbooks based on survey results.
  • Gain visibility into customer activity. The team tracked product adoption by integrating product usage data into ChurnZero through custom imports and HTTP API.

The Impact

Using ChurnZero, the ABBYY team:

  • Increased account coverage by 4x.
  • Improved efficiency and proactiveness by automating processes and engagements.
  • Increased net revenue retention (NRR) alongside the team’s cross-functional collaboration efforts.
  • Grew NPS results and response rate.
ABBYY personalizes the customer experience at scale using automation and CS AI

How You Can Start

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