Analyze customer data

See and share more insights from your customer data.

Know the strength of every customer relationship. Share actionable insights with customers and colleagues. Optimize your effectiveness, surface critical trends, and prove your value.

Customer Health Score

Health scores

Keep an eye on customers at risk of non-renewal, and easily identify promoters.  Use Health Scores (we call them ChurnScores) to trigger alerts, plays, and journeys automatically to increase engagement and mitigate risk.

Renewal and forecast hub

Renewal and Forecast Hub

Purpose-built to help your CS team confidently predict retention and growth, Renewal Hub quantifies your direct influence on revenue, and ensures an accurate pipeline and strong results.

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Customize and launch NPS®, CSAT, CES or custom surveys to capture the sentiment of your customers throughout engagements and lifecycle milestones. Leverage ChurnZero’s in-app tools to launch directly within your platform to encourage participation.

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Dashboards and reports

Give your executives and other teams a real-time view of critical customer data and KPIs through robust and customizable reports that don’t require a login to use.

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Rest API live exports

Leverage ChurnZero data seamlessly into your tech stack by integrating customer data from ChurnZero directly into other systems and processes within your organization.

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five stars

“I’ve used other platforms that were great for the individual CSM, but as a leader, it was extremely difficult to get aggregated reporting to look at overall trends. ChurnZero works for both.” 

– Red Canary

Improve team productivity

Customer Success AI™

Increase automation and personalization across the customer lifecycle with Customer Success AI™.


ChurnZero’s library of customizable templates lets you increase consistency and efficiency.  You’ll never have to start from scratch again.

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Customer Success software that lets you know the strength of every customer relationship.