Collaborate with customers

Guide your customers to success with innovative ways to engage.

Build long-term loyalty as your customers’ coach and champion on their road to success. ChurnZero’s collaboration tools help you show customers the way forward, and know how they’re doing.

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Manage the entire customer lifecycle with ease. ChurnZero’s repeatable, customized Journeys help you guide customers efficiently through projects and processes across all use cases.

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Account Insights

Customize dashboards and share them directly with customers to display dynamic timelines, dashboards and metrics enabling collaboration.

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In-app communications

Engage your customers when they’re focused on your product. ChurnZero’s in-app messaging lives within your native application so you can target customers with the right message, at the ideal time.

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Introduce customers to your product with engaging, in-app guides. Highlight new features, provide tips and tricks, celebrate milestones, and display valuable content.

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Success Centers

ChurnZero’s Success Center gives you and your customers a central, shared space to communicate and collaborate in their success. You can display it within your product, and customize it at the user level.

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Customize and launch NPS®, CSAT, CES or custom surveys to capture the sentiment of your customers throughout engagements and lifecycle milestones. Leverage ChurnZero’s in-app tools to launch directly within your platform to encourage participation.

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“ChurnZero is truly a game changer for managing your customers at scale. I can segment our customers like never before, enabling me to send targeted outreach to all my customers. ChurnZero ultimately unlocks scale and enables us to handle a lot of communication with a relatively small CSM bench.”

— Patrick V, Director of Customer Success, via G2

Improve team productivity

Customer Success AI™

Increase automation and personalization across the customer lifecycle with Customer Success AI™.


ChurnZero’s library of customizable templates lets you increase consistency and efficiency.  You’ll never have to start from scratch again.

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