Custom Success Dashboards

Customer Success KPI Dashboards

Customer Success KPI dashboards reveal key insights and provide strategic guidance serving as your company’s control panel to help you determine what’s working and what’s not. ChurnZero gives you access to all your customer data in one centralized place. With Custom Success dashboards, you can transform that data into dynamic reports to feature the metrics that matter the most to your team and executives.

ChurnZero Customer Success Platform - Custom Dashboard Dashboard

Dynamic Dashboards On Demand

Build intuitive custom dashboards in seconds to answer even some of your most complex questions. Preview your data in real-time and easily change the chart types and color palette to visualize your dashboards exactly how you want them. Your team can build these powerful reports from account and contact attributes/metrics, segment results, events and details.

Your team can also share access to these Customer Success KPI dashboards with known individuals outside of ChurnZero. This will allow you to safely share valuable insight into your Customer Success programs with other members of your organization.

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