Renewal and forecast hub

Customer Renewal Forecasting Hub

Forecast, renew, and expand at scale with ChurnZero

ChurnZero’s Renewal and Forecast Hub is purpose-built to help your CS teams confidently predict retention and growth, quantify your direct influence on revenue, and ensure an accurate pipeline and strong results. 
Renewal, forecasting and revenue dashboard

Take full ownership of retention.  

  • Accurate forecasts: Gain predictability with accurate forecasts based on data-driven health and team-driven confidence.  

  • Proactive risk mitigation: Stay ahead of renewals. Quickly identify where churn risk is impacting future revenue to execute growth strategies.  

  • Efficient renewals: Renewal reports monitor changes and auto-calculate accurate forecasts, driving a high performing renewals process that’s easily shared for cross-team collaboration. 

  • Instant calculations: Showcase retention numbers with confidence. Easily pull real-time leadership and board metrics for all needs.  

  • Simplified workflow: Configure, track, and manage opportunities directly in ChurnZero, with the data syncing back to your CRM.  

  • Fine-tune growth strategies: Deeply analyze retention data, slicing by users, teams, cohorts and more to gain insights into trends and drive future strategies. 

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ChurnZero’s Renewal and Forecast Hub gives your financial projections and analysis greater predictability and accuracy with purpose-built tools to deliver higher retention.

Learn more about Renewal & Forecast Hub

Learn more about Renewal & Forecast Hub