Your company needs customer data. Don’t make them hunt for it.  


Every department in your company needs customer data to make the right decisions.


Your Customer Success platform should give them the exact data they need, not a login that requires them to go looking for it.


ChurnZero gives everyone the benefit of customer data without having to learn your CS platform. It’s easy to give every team the datapoints they want, in the platform they prefer—whether that’s a CRM, a spreadsheet or Slack.


Hear from our CEO on why it matters (blog link) – then find out more below.



CRM Syncs


Our CRM integrations are bi-directional. Give your sales and marketing team customer data through Salesforce or HubSpot, while you benefit from theirs in ChurnZero. See every ChurnZero CRM integration here.



Live Spreadsheet Exports


Working in Excel 365 or Google Sheets? ChurnZero can update your reports automatically with customer data, while you keep control of the metrics and visuals.


Shareable dashboards

Create easy, login-free dashboards for the metrics, insights and customer trends that other teams care about. Just set them up, give access and send the link—no navigation required.


Real-time alerts

Create different alerts for different teams, generated by the customer datapoints they care about. ChurnZero can send alerts via email, Slack, Teams, or SMS so you never miss a significant event.



Give your company access to ChurnZero dashboards and data through Slack or Microsoft Teams. You’ll make accessing customer insights as easy as sending a message—on desktop, and mobile too.


Integrations and Rest API

Already got a platform in place for processing data? ChurnZero integrates your customer data directly into powerful tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Microsoft Excel. If we don’t integrate with your platform natively, just use our Rest API.