Jun 8, 2022

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When I ask for the data, don’t send me a login.


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When you need a sandwich, you need a sandwich.

You might have had a busy morning. Maybe your afternoon is all meetings, so you order a grilled cheese from the deli. But what if that isn’t what you get? What if you open the bag to find a loaf of sourdough and a block of cheese?

That’s not a sandwich, and nor is this about sandwiches. It’s about how you and your Customer Success platform share the data your company needs.

Customer data makes your whole business tick, not just your CS team. It helps your product team address customer needs. It lets the sales team target prospects who fit. Support needs it to troubleshoot seamlessly. Finance needs the data to forecast renewals.

Can your CS platform give them the right data, right now, or will they just get a login?

Unlimited access as a feature is lazy

A modern, customer-centric company uses platforms that put the data everywhere it needs to be. If your company is considering any platform, but specifically a CS platform, offering unlimited access as a “feature”, stop now. Unlimited access is lazy and puts the onus on you to do the actual work: please, make your own grilled cheese sandwich.

ChurnZero understood this early. A typical company buys 50 to 70 SaaS products. As CEO, I definitely don’t want every login. In fact, I look askew at anyone CxO that offers that to me. I want the metrics where I am—Salesforce, Zendesk or maybe Slack—when I need them. So does the CFO, the head of product, the customer support rep. So do you. You don’t have time to go into Salesforce to get customer information, nor do you have time to learn the new finance system to get updated numbers.

The right approach to data sharing

Customer data must be shared everywhere within the business—and with modern SaaS, it can be. To a CEO like me, the right approach looks like this:

It’s in your Salesforce dashboard. ChurnZero integrates bi-directionally with CRMs including Salesforce and Hubspot.

Your spreadsheet has the latest numbers. ChurnZero updates your Excel 365 or Gsuite sheets automatically.

Your support team has it in Zendesk. Equip them with access to key customer details like health and usage data for a seamless customer experience with faster resolutions.

When things happen, you know. Real-time email, chat or SMS alerts keep you up to speed.

Get a dashboard if you need it. Give your CS team the specs and let them send you a custom KPI dashboard.

Works seamlessly with your data system. ChurnZero integrates natively with platforms like Tableau, Power BI, Microsoft Excel. If we don’t, our Rest API takes the work out of things.

It takes a lot of work, but it’s our work, not yours. If you pick a different platform that doesn’t share this philosophy, it’s on your colleagues to do the work instead.

Find out more about ChurnZero’s approach to Customer Success data sharing here. 


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