Customer Communities

Build a more valuable customer community with ChurnZero and Higher Logic Vanilla. 

Harness the combined strengths of ChurnZero and Higher Logic Vanilla to deliver a comprehensive, integrated customer community. Through this integration, your team will get deeper insights into customer behaviors they can use to build stronger more engaged communities, and more loyal customers.  

ChurnZero and Higher Logic

The power of combining ChurnZero with Higher Logic Vanilla.

Unified customer view: Pull Higher Logic Vanilla community engagement metrics into ChurnZero to get a 360-degree view of all customer interactions and engagements.  

Improved customer engagement: Provide insights to your CS team around which customers are actively participating in the community so  CSMs can recognize and reward top contributors, or leverage ChurnZero’s powerful automation tools to encourage participation. 

Enhanced personalization: With community insights, your CS team can offer more personalized experiences, recommendations, and interactions based on a customer’s community activity.  

Engagement awareness: Leverage ChurnZero alerts to set up notifications for activity types, helping you to guide community discussions proactively, and support participating customers.  

Why communities matter

  • Self-service support: Empower members to get help from their peers and your company as well as provide access to self-service tools. 
  • Product feedback: Encourage customers to share feedback and ideas to allow your team to create a product that resonates more with customers and the market.  
  • Customer enablement: Enable customers to learn how to use the product, access best practices, and share learnings with others.  
  • Advocacy: Create advocates and encourage them to generate content, including thought leadership, tips and tricks, use cases, and speak to the quality of your product and service.  
  • Peer connection: Provide a space for your customers with shared goals to connect with one another.  

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