Customer education

ChurnZero partners with Absorb LMS to deliver integrated customer learning.

ChurnZero has partnered with Absorb to directly integrate their learning management system (LMS) into the ChurnZero platform to enable customer education through the lens of Customer Success. From onboarding to industry best practices and thought leadership content, this Customer Success and learning partnership of industry leaders transforms outdated customer learning methods into modern, digital experiences, giving your customers the knowledge and skillsets to succeed.  

ChurnZero and Absorb partnership
ChurnZero Northpass Learning Management dashboard

A streamlined way to improve the customer experience.

Save time, improve efficiency.
With a library of digital training courses at your fingertips, your CS team can spend less time on one-to-one training, and more time driving customer relationships, engagement strategies, renewals, and expansion.

Elevate customer experiences at all stages.
From a buyer to a product advocate, customers feel more confident with a clear training path that will take their employees from users to champions.

Scale the learning process.
Automate and expand the learning process by leveraging ChurnZero core features. From learner creation to measuring the impact of courses, CS teams can manage the workflows of learners pre and post course completion.

Measure success.
Understand the impact customer education has on your customers’ health, product adoption trends, renewal trajectory and more to continue strategic decisions and grow your book of business.

Integrate education throughout the customer lifecycle.

  • Introduce new customers to your product or service. Replace routine manual onboarding tasks with self-service training on setup procedures, essential functionality, and best practices.
  • Highlight specific features of your product or service. Show customers how to use them to achieve specific outcomes.
  • Share tips and techniques for using your product or service effectively and efficiently.
  • Show customers how to address common challenges or issues that they may encounter.
  • Keep customers informed of new features or enhancements, and how they can take advantage of them.
  • Share useful information about industry trends and developments. Build your brand as a market leader and expert to increase customer loyalty.

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