Sep 7, 2018

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Customer Success Manager Job Description that will Help You Find the Right Candidate


You are looking to grow your Customer Success team – that’s great news! Now, how do you go about finding the right candidate to join the team? Well, it first starts with a well-written and compelling job description that accurately describes the role, the primary responsibilities, must-have skills, and your company culture.

As we’ve mentioned before – Customer Success Manager is the third most promising job for 2018 according to LinkedIn. This recent growth in Customer Success also means increased demand and competition for hiring CSMs. Given that, it’s really important to set your company apart from the crowd to attract the right candidates.

To start, here’s some tips for writing the perfect Customer Success Manager job description.

CSM Job Summary

In this section you will want to provide an overview of the CSM role and the part it plays within your entire organization. This is your chance to help make your job description compelling by adding in more color.

Here’s some points you may want to consider including in your job description summary:

  • Highlight the value the Customer Success teams brings to your company
  • Inform the candidate that they will be the face of the company to your customers
  • Provide any necessary details about your Customer Success team mission or structure
  • Include adjectives you want the ideal candidate to possess as character traits

Primary Responsibilities and Day-to-Day

This section will be a bulleted list of all the main job responsibilities you expect the CSM to successfully complete on a regular basis. You should focus on both high priority and high frequency duties, by listing these items in order of importance.

In this list you will want to include:

  • Categorization of tasks the CSM will be doing within an average week
  • List of the desired results or outcomes that the CSM is accountable to deliver
  • Understanding of how the CSM will be measured (key team KPIs)
  • Description of the type of customer they will be working with

Must-Have Skills and Experience

In this section you will want to list out what you’re looking for in the ideal candidate for this position, and don’t hold back. This is what potential candidates will use to determine if they are qualified or not for the job. So, use it to your advantage to help unqualified candidates weed themselves out.

Here’s some key pieces of information you will to be sure to include:

  • Number of years of experience needed
  • Understanding of a certain industry/vertical
  • Minimum education level required
  • List of software platforms you prefer the candidate to be proficient in
  • General skills needed for the position

About Your Company and Working There

Use this section to highlight what the culture is like and also what is your mission as a company. Your objective here is to give your candidates more insight into the type of employer you are.

Here’s some things you can include in this wrap-up section of your job description:

  • Your company’s purpose, values, and mission
  • Short summary of the benefits that are provided
  • List of ay additional perks that come along with the job
  • Mention of notable industry accolades and/or awards


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