Jul 27, 2023

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What’s on the agenda for the BIG RYG 2023 customer success conference?


The essential conference for customer success leaders, ChurnZero’s BIG RYG is returning to Washington, D.C. this October. We’ve designed this event to deliver the biggest ROI possible for a two-day conference—and while our agenda is still evolving, we can reveal some exciting highlights already.

Your BIG RYG agenda is customizable; as well as hearing from our keynote speakers, you’ll get to choose from an array of breakout sessions and hands-on hyper-workshops, each one designed to address a specific need, challenge or opportunity faced by customer success teams this year.

There’s no selling and no fluff—just actionable ideas, practical insights, and hands-on learning for you to take back to your team and apply.

New for 2023: ChurnZero Customer Day!

This one’s for ChurnZero customers only: join us at BIG RYG a day early on October 3 for three valuable training sessions with ChurnZero’s platform experts. We’ll help you level up in three high-impact areas—health scoring, onboarding, and ChurnZero use cases—to drive better results for your customers, your team, and your organization. With two distinct learning tracks to choose from, this is the hands-on training opportunity of the year.

What’s on the agenda for BIG RYG 2023?

We know that you’re looking for extra ROI from every investment you make this year. That’s why we’ve built your BIG RYG 23 conference agenda with a laser focus on the biggest challenges and opportunities that CS teams are facing.

1. Explore new strategies for scaling

Discover how the top CS teams at leading B2B companies are streamlining their operations, without eroding their customer experience, with Emily Ryan (Valuize). You’ll learn what they’re doing, why it works, and how you can maximize your own revenue retention through operational efficiency, agile methods, and connecting the dots between strategy and scale.

Take a deep dive into the core components of building and scaling a digital customer success strategy for revenue generation with Dan Ennis (Monday.com) and Angeline Gavino (Katalon). You’ll start with an exploration of the framework for people, process, and technology, then dig into how to build your strategy, design customer journeys and segmentation, use AI for good, and measure your impact with the right KPIs.

2. Drive better outcomes with AI

Discover the AI tactics that give you the most leverage in meeting your company’s goals with Kristen Hayer and Mike Su (The Success League). You’ll gain a better understanding of the current AI landscape and its most promising tools, while designing your own AI-based customer journey in a team-based, interactive workshop.

Take a deep dive into the capabilities of ChatGPT, and what they mean for your customer success team’s processes and productivity, with Angelika O’Reilly (SuccessCOACHING) and Mickey Powell (UpdateAI). You’ll get to know the fundamental principles of ChatGPT and its potential to help your CS team, with real-world prompt examples that you can adapt for your own organization.

3. Fight churn and protect revenue

Learn how to boost retention from the start of implementation onwards with Jeff Kushmerek (Infinite Renewals). You’ll learn the essential steps of a successful implementation, best practices for running an implementation team, and the right metrics to measure and increase your success as you turn new customers into repeat buyers.

Build a framework for mitigating the risks of customer champion change with Ali Cudby (Alignmint Growth Strategies). In an economy where you’re more likely than ever to lose customer champions to layoffs or job shifts, you’ll be better prepared for champion change with a playbook for turning the risks around and the know-how to address every complexity.

4. Level up your leadership skills

Economic downturns require a shift in management, says Austin Kwon (LinkedIn). Learn to be a more effective leader in tough times with proven strategies for managing high-performing CS teams during economic uncertainty. You’ll gain a new understanding of the best metrics to measure performance, how to track progress with scorecards, and how to build your team’s skillsets to level up their impact.

Earn your seat at the revenue table with the right metrics and a CRO’s perspective from Aaron Thompson (SuccessCOACHING). You’ll get to know the relationship of customer acquisition cost (CAC) and revenue acquisition cost (RAC), which can show in minute detail how customer success drives additional revenue cost-effectively—and gives you a better way to paint the picture of your team’s value.

5. Evolve your customer experience

Within your customer data are insights that can facilitate amazing value-add interactions and outcomes for your customers, say Mary Poppen (CS Angel), Peter Armaly (ESG), and Jay Nathan (Higher Logic Vanilla). Discover the know-how you need to unlock them and apply them to create incredible experiences through personalization and community engagement.

Learn to use data storytelling to drive customers’ success with Keishla Ceaser-Jones (EAB) and Stephanie Workman-Bolden (Discovery Education). You’ll discover the elements and techniques of creating engaging, persuasive data-driven narratives, and how to build a robust framework that communicates insights, builds connection, and drives actionable outcomes.

The BIG RYG 2023 agenda is still evolving—and you can expect an exciting announcement soon.

Until then, explore our full lineup (and grab your early bird discount before it ends) at BIG RYG 2023.


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