BIG RYG: The Customer Success Leadership Conference
October 4-5, 2023, Washington, DC


Thanks to all
attendees, speakers and sponsors
for a wonderful three days.

Stay tuned for more information on BIG RYG 2024

Rave reviews!

“Another tremendous BIG RYG event this week. Great job on the deep substance, well crafted, agenda, and beautiful venue. And great to see and meet so many friends and new CS contacts.”

— Bob L., CEO, Founder & Chief Listener

five stars

🌟ChurnZero’s BIG RYG conference will continue to be my first choice for Customer Success conferences, and here’s why:

🔗 Diverse Voices: There are too many instances where minority leaders feel muted. ChurnZero stands out for its intentional efforts to bring together a diverse group of speakers. They don’t simply draw from the same well but actively seek out different perspectives, ensuring that the conference drives new thinking, ultimately elevating the Customer Success community.

🎯 Real-Time Application: How often do you get a light bulb moment at a conference and then struggle with implementing it in real life? One of the most game-changing aspects of the conference is the real-time application of the content. In every session, leaders get to partner with other leaders and role-play real-life examples. It’s giving adult recess!

– Rochelle S, Senior Director, Global Customer Success

five stars

Just wrapped up at my first ever BIG RYG Conference in DC and I am so humbled and grateful for the experience. This was, without a doubt, the best conference I have ever attended- not just because of the speakers (who were INCREDIBLE), but also because of the amazing community of CS professionals who took time out of their very short time at the conference to help expand and deepen my knowledge.

ChurnZero not only has the best CSP out there (in my humble opinion), but they sure know how to host a conference too! Thankful for every connection made and all the knowledge I gained, and can’t wait for BIG RYG 2024!!”

– Ellie P., Customer Success Director

five stars

“The past 2 days in DC were some of the most fun days I have had this wet fall. And, it wasn’t because I was basking in the sun on the Mall or strolling through our nation’s monuments. It was the ChurnZero BIG RYG conference. I am genuinely grateful for attending this phenomenal 2-day event and would like to congratulate the entire ChurnZero team on their success. BIG RYG exceeded all of my #customersuccess expectations. The location was fabulous, the content engaging, and the sessions were interactive. I found there was the optimal balance of learning and networking. While the content was unmatched, the highlight was the people I interacted with.”

– Laurie B., Fractional Customer Success

five stars

“My first time at BIG RYG! I’ll say it again, the CS community has the most incredible thought leaders and equally incredible humans.  The view from the event space was breathtaking.  I love DC. Shout out to the ChurnZero team for putting on a top-notch event. And thanks to You Mon Tsang who gave me the best running route through DC.”

–  Elizabeth B., Chief Customer Officer

five stars

“Thank you for this amazing opportunity to learn, grow, and connect! Looking forward to next year!”

– Roxcee S., Director of Customer Success

five stars

“Thank you for putting on a wonderfully engaging conference! This was year two for me and both times I left with excellent notes and ideas to drive action with my team and for our customers.”

– Andrew G., Director, Customer Success Management

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2023 Keynote Speakers

Victor Riparbelli
CEO & Co-founder

Dave Salvant
Co-Founder & President
Squire Technologies

Alli Tiscornia
Chief Customer Officer

Maranda Dziekonski
SVP of Customer Succes

Allastair Meffen
VP of Customer Experience
Definitive Healthcare

Kathy Isaac
VP of Customer Success

Abby Hammer
Chief Product Officer

David Verhaag
Chief Customer Officer

Meet our 2023 BIG RYG speakers

This year’s speakers included founders and executives from Clear Digital, Countable, ESG, Higher Logic, Infinite Renewals, Katalon, LinkedIn, Marigold,, Success in Black, The Success League, Valuize, and more. 

Austin Kwon
Sr Director, Scaled CS & Programs

Mary Poppen
Chief Customer Officer and Advisor
CS Angel Investor

Russell Bourne
Principal Consultant
The Success League

Peter Armaly
VP, Customer Success

Aaron Thompson
Chief Revenue Officer

Sandro Lubas
Director of Customer Succes
Dynamic Yield

Amanda Flurry
Customer Experience Operations Manager

Erica Tabuena
Customer Success Manager

Keishla Ceaser-Jones
Founding Member, Success in Black
Sr. Dir., Partner Success Digital Experience & DEI Leader, EAB

David Fox
Chief Customer Officer, Commercial

Jaime Peters
VP of Client Success & Operations

Kaylin Law
Manager of Professional Services

Srikrishnan Ganesan
CEO & Co-founder

Mickey Powell
Co-Founder & Head of Go To Market

Ben Childers
VP of Global Client Experiences
Engaging Networks

Cristy Maldonado
Strategic Business Architect

Maureen Rice
Customer Marketing Manager

Emily Ryan
Chief Revenue Officer

Stephanie Workman-Bolden
Dir, Partner Success
Discovery Education

Angeline Gavino
VP, Customer Success

Mike Su
Principal Consultant
The Success League

Denise Mueller
Customer Success Manager

Annie Stefano
Head of Education and Strategic Advisor
Growth Molecules

Angelika O’Reilly
Head of Customer Success

Harris Clarke
Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Breunsbach
Director of Brand
Higher Logic Vanilla

Ali Cudby
Co-Founder & CEO
Alignment Growth Strategies

Jay Nathan
Chief Customer Officer
Higher Logic Vanilla

Dana Alvarenga
VP, Customer Experience

Peter Adams
Manager of Customer Enablement

Colleen Schauf
Senior Configuration Specialist

Emilia Brad
Global VP of Success & Support 

Liz Batsford
Sr.Manager of Customer Success

You Mon Tsang
Founder & CEO

Annie Raygoza
Director, Client Services
Clear Digital

Dan Ennis
Team Manager, Scale Customer Success

Kristen Hayer
The Success League

Jeff Kushmerek
CEO & Founder
Infinite Renewals

Vanessa Neurohr
VP of Customer Success
Muck Rack

Kerry Finley
Customer Success Manager

Bob London
Chief Listening Officers

Denise Sauser
Director of Customer Success



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