Jul 24, 2023

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ChurnZero product release notes: Q2 2023


Here’s a list of ChurnZero’s major product releases in Q2 of 2023.   

Sharpen your customer engagement with customizable templates

ChurnZero Launchpad screenshot - customizable customer success templates

The Launchpad is a library of pre-built, customizable templates that ChurnZero users can grab and use to build processes throughout the post-sales customer journey. Templates are curated by customer success experts and highlight data-driven best practices for customer engagement and collaboration. 

Get up to speed on customer activity fast with Customer Briefs, powered by CS AI™

Customer Success AI (CS AI) Customer Briefs screenshot

Say goodbye to writing time-consuming, manual account summaries that are stale by the time they are finished. 

With Customer Briefs*, CS teams can generate a comprehensive summary of a customer’s attributes, health, usage, engagement, communications, and more with a single click.  

CS team members and leaders who do not regularly work with customers can use Customer Briefs to easily get up to speed fast. By consolidating relevant information from various sources, Customer Briefs ensure teams across your organization have access to the same up-to-date information. 

ChurnZero is the first customer success platform to leverage generative AI to create such a summary by using quantitative and qualitative data from ChurnZero. 

*This feature is only available in the Enterprise edition.

Keep customer journeys on track with dependencies

ChurnZero Journey's dependencies - Gnatt chart screenshot

Dependencies in ChurnZero Journeys is the relationship between two or more activities in a Journey, where the completion or timing of one activity is dependent on the completion or timing of another activity. CS teams use dependencies to schedule and coordinate Journey start dates, milestones, and steps as well as allocate resources and ensure smooth project execution.  

By building wait times and dependencies into milestones and steps, CS teams can maintain complete control over the Journey timeline and ensure each item occurs in the intended order.  With dependencies, real-time changes automatically update subsequent steps to reflect the same changes, keeping your planned timeline in place. CS teams can also visualize the progress for the overall Journey or specific milestones and steps using a Gantt chart that compares planned and actual timelines. 

Other customer-facing teams, such as implementation and professional services, can use Journeys to manage their workflows which often have more detail and steps tied together. 

Give customers more of what works with Success Center reporting

ChurnZero Success Center report

Success Center reports provide an all-in-one place to understand how users interact with ChurnZero Success Centers. CS teams can use reports to identify each Success Center’s top-clicked resources and links. They can then use this insight to further refine and personalize the information and widgets displayed within these centralized spaces. 

Reporting provides a summary view and a detailed widget view. In the summary view, CS teams get a bird’s-eye-view of their Success Center’s usage with metrics such as number of opens, number of contacts who opened, number of clicks, clicks per engaged session, number of sessions, and average time spent in sessions. 

CS teams can use the widget view to get insight into how users interact with the individual widgets that make up their Success Center, including metrics like total clicks and contacts who clicked.  

Take action on tasks directly from customer notes

ChurnZero Notes follow up screenshot

Never let key takeaways and to-dos from customer meetings get forgotten and lost in your notes again. 

CS teams can now write follow-up messages to their customers directly from their notes in ChurnZero. Teams have the option to draft the message themselves or to use our CS AI to synthesize their notes and account data into a cohesive and concise summary message.  

Send a follow-up immediately after a meeting or post a summary to users in a Success Center using an in-app announcement.  

Additionally, customer meetings usually generate a list of actions (reviews, follow-ups, requests, questions) that need to be assigned and fulfilled afterward. To help keep actions organized, CS teams can now also create tasks directly within their notes, allowing them to create better to-do lists. 


Want to dive deeper into a ChurnZero feature or see it in action? Schedule your demo today. 


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