Shortened Time to First Value for Woven Customers Two Months Post-Implementation

Woven is the only technical interview experience worthy of experienced developers. With Woven, candidates receive individual engineering feedback after completing short problems for role-specific scenarios. What makes Woven different is the network of certified Woven engineers who double-blind score each candidate, which allows busy teams to fairly evaluate 10x more candidates using 50% less engineering time. As a result, hiring managers make offers faster based on empirical data, giving them a recruiting advantage in this candidate-driven market. And hires made with Woven are ⅔ less likely to churn in their first 120 days compared to industry averages. 

Reduced Time to First Value

while growing customer base by 40%

Increased CSM productivity

by creating a single source of truth for customer data

Achieved NPS of 100

during the first 2 months post-implementation

“I wish I would have done this earlier. It’s scary to go from doing everything manually to doing it automatically. The hesitancy is, let’s start manually, and then we’ll move people automated. But if you’re a fast-growing startup, just do it. Don’t delay unlocking a lot of the power of ChurnZero.”

Ashley ConwayHead of Customer Success | Woven

Woven’s Success Story

The Challenge

At the time of implementation, Woven was a small but mighty team of two, comprised of a Head of Customer Success and one full-time Customer Success Manager.

“Everything was manual,” says Ashley Conway, Head of Customer Success at Woven. Prior to ChurnZero, the team had been using a spreadsheet tool to keep track of all customers and a Google Doc for handoffs between Sales and Customer Success – neither of which proved effective for the nimble team. 

The team also sought greater insight into their customers’ behavior and activities inside their product. They needed to find a way to track atypical product usage signals since standard B2B SaaS metrics, such as license count/utilization and time-in-app, weren’t indicative of their customers’ health.

The Process

Woven and ChurnZero partnered to accomplish the following:

  • Completed implementation in just under 90 days, even with the team concurrently setting up an entirely new system (Segment) for the first time. “ChurnZero was the catalyst for us making a lot of improvements across the business,” says Ashley. “Rather than just focusing on ‘Here’s what we already have, let’s just get it in there,’ we took the extra time during implementation to make those hard decisions and it’s now benefiting us quite a bit.”
  • Started tracking customer product usage for the first time by integrating Segment into ChurnZero. “Much of how we structured our implementation and ingest data in ChurnZero was based on our Implementation Specialist’s advice,” says Ashley. “Otherwise, we would have been spinning our wheels trying to figure out the best way to do it.”
  • Configured Custom Tables within ChurnZero to track customer product usage that’s unique to and matters most to Woven, allowing the team to use customer health signals that don’t fit the mold of most B2B SaaS products. 

The Impact

Woven’s small by mighty Customer Success team came prepared to hit the ground running with their ChurnZero implementation.

They took ownership and trusted their ChurnZero team and process to get them through implementation efficiently. Here’s the initial results they have seen in their first few months of being a customer:

– Reduced time to first value while growing the Woven customer base by 40%, without having to increase team size

– Increased CSM productivity by consolidating where customer-related information is housed

– Achieved NPS of 100 during the first two months post-implementation

Shortened Time to First Value for Woven Customers Two Months Post-Implementation

How You Can Start

To find out how you can proactively engage customers and better understand your user behavior to increase product adoption, schedule your demo of ChurnZero today.