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Customer Success Data, Everywhere

Presenter: Patrick Pennington, Account Executive at ChurnZero

Webinar On Demand

It’s no secret that customer data is extremely valuable and can provide immense insight for the entire organization. But often, CS teams feel as if they’re alone when leveraging customer data to make decisions, while the rest of the organization has trouble simply accessing the data. Why the gap? At ChurnZero, we understand your company needs customer data, and we don’t intend to make anyone hunt for it. 

Patrick Pennington, Account Executive at ChurnZero, will talk through how your customer data can be communicated with each team, within their own data platforms, so the entire organization can leverage the power of customer data.  

In this webinar, we cover:
  • How CS data can be synced directly to CRMs 
  • Ease of exporting CS data to dashboards and templates teams already use 
  • Let the data come to you, how alerts and chatbots will do the work for you 
  • Integrations and APIs to cover all your needs