2022 Customer Success Leadership Study

Get an authoritative picture of the trends, priorities, challenges, and best practices shaping Customer Success in 2022. This year, more than 1,000 CS leaders took part in the most in-depth study of our industry to date.  

Download the full study to see how your team measures up on:  

 Impact & influence: Half of CS teams are now responsible for renewals, while 41.9% own expansion and 34.1% have veto power over bad-fit customers.  

 Headcount & budgets: 63.3% of teams added headcount this year, and 51.9% grew their budgets—but most teams still fall behind industry benchmarks. 

 Technology: Less than half of CS teams have a purpose-built platform—and teams without one tend to report lower NRR than those who do.  

 Best practices: From segmentation and standardized data tracking to custom dashboards for execs, effective best practices are becoming the norm.  

Download the 2022 Customer Success Leadership Study.