Aug 29, 2019

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How to Increase Your CS Team’s Efficiencies and Reduce Client Onboarding Time – A Success Story


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Inflow Communications is one of the nation’s top Unified Communications and Contact Center providers. As a pioneer in contact center and customer experience technologies, Inflow Communications provides training and consulting to hundreds of customers around the world.  


The Challenges  

With their CS team starting from the ground up, the Inflow Communications team lacked established processes. This challenge was even more pronounced as existing tools took a one-size-fits-all approach. Since the company’s needs were not those of a typical SaaS organization, prospective solutions fell short. 

The Inflow Communications Customer Success team faced three distinct challenges: 

  1. The team spent much of their time carrying out time intensive and repetitive tasks. While once manageable, these efforts proved challenging as Inflow continued to grow their customer base.  
  2. Their existing onboarding process proved inefficient. This legacy process relied upon manual inputs and required CSMs to spend much of their time chasing clients or fielding replies. 
  3. A centralized Customer Success workplace did not exist. The team relied on dispersed data across several platform. A ‘home base’ where CSMs could track their customer’s health and journeys was a must. 

Meeting Inflow’s Goals  

Inflow Communications took four steps to add efficiency and meet the goals of their growing CS team: 

Leverage Segmentation 

  • Segmenting customer accounts allowed the team to effortlessly organize and target their customers. This allows for the CS team to marshal their efforts towards the right customer types and user personas. 

Enable Proactive Account Management 

  • NPS and Health Scores have allowed the team to move away from a reactive approach to account management. These powerful insights have made the Inflow team ready to respond to any customer challenge.  

Automate Once Manual Tasks 

  • The team reduced previously manual tasks by leveraging using robust automation. By automating common tasks and communications, the team is freed up to provide high-touch service to their most valuable accounts. 

Provide a Centralized CS Workspace 

  • The entire Customer Success team found a home in a dedicated Customer Success Workspace. Real-time dashboards and usage reporting provide a powerful home for Inflow’s growing team. This ensures that the team never misses a beat. 


The Impact 

In less than 6 months Inflow Communications achieved significant results. While any implementation takes a surprising amount of work, the outcome was well worth it: 

  • Inflow Communications increased proactive customer messaging by 400%. Plays and Journeys enabled the automation of previously manual tasks. 
  • Tools like NPS and Health Scores enhanced the CS team’s customer visibility. This enables proactive engagement of accounts that show signs of slipping health.  
  • Onboarding time has been reduced by over 50%. CSMs can effortlessly track new client progress across the entire onboarding process – all in real time. 

Don’t just take it from us – whether your CS team is new or well-established, consider the gains that a Customer Success platform can provide for your team.  

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Curious to learn more about how Inflow Communications increased efficiencies and elevated their customer experience? Read the complete case study here


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