Mar 21, 2018

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ChurnZero Team Named in Top 100 Customer Success Strategists


We are excited to announce that Abby Hammer, VP of Products and Chase Tinkham, Customer Success Manager at ChurnZero have both been named in the 2018 TOP Customer Success Strategists list by MindTouch.

This year, between the nominations and voting period, over 3,200 people participated in helping to select and promote the Top 100 Customer Success Strategists. This list offers insight into who the industry feels is implementing an incredible customer experience through operational and tactical strategies, all while delivering best-in-class support for current customers and prospects alike.

At ChurnZero, our mission is to create the next great Customer Success platform – and our own Customer Success team sits at the heart of this goal. Our Customer Success team strives to cultivate exceptional experiences and sustained value for our customers by acting as their trusted advisor and advocate from the point of sale through renewal.

Congratulations to Abby and Chase! You set the bar high at ChurnZero and we couldn’t be more proud.

Check out the full list of honorees here. 

We recommend you leverage this list to:

  • Easily find a community of thought leaders in one place
  • Follow the top strategists online to get the latest insights on industry trends
  • Engage in valuable conversations within the community

About Abby Hammer:

Abby Hammer is the Vice President of Products at ChurnZero and is responsible for product strategy and execution.  Abby also leads the Customer Success team who deliver customer implementations and work to drive adoption, engagement and expansion across the ChurnZero Customer Success Platform.

Prior to joining ChurnZero, Abby was the Director of Product Management at iContact and Cision (formerly Vocus), leaders in the email marketing, marketing automation and public relations spaces. Abby’s career has been in product management in fast-changing industries.

About Chase Tinkham:

Chase is a Customer Success Manager at ChurnZero. He is an advocate for his customers to get what they need to be successful and is responsible for ChurnZero customer on-boarding, implementation, adoption, expansion, and retention. Strategizing with customers, delivering on critical goals and deadlines, and ensuring they have what they need to be successful are his top priorities.

Prior to joining ChurnZero, Chase was a Senior Account Executive at iContact and Cision (formerly Vocus) and a Senior Customer Account Manager at a Managed Services Provider. Chase’s career has been laser-focused on customer goal enablement, satisfaction, and advocacy.

About the TOP 100 Customer Success Strategists:

This is the 5th annual TOP Customer Success Influences and Strategists list. The Top 100 Customer Success Strategists – The People’s Choice Award is first curated through open nominations, then voted on during a public polling period where the Top 100 are selected out of thousands of submitted names. The open poll process allows MindTouch to remove itself from the equation, expose potential names that could be missed, and takes into account the relevant sentiment at the time. This helps curb the big names (or titles) in the industry from reigning supreme year over year.


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