May 3, 2022

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What are the best Customer Success YouTube channels? Start with our top five.


Did you know that, by the end of this week, one-third of internet users* will have watched a tutorial or how-to video? Whether you’re building your expertise in cooking, crocheting, coding, or Customer Success, YouTube is now the place to level up.

The only problem is knowing where to start—so we’re here to help. Let’s explore five of the best Customer Success YouTube channels for learning how to fight churn, understand industry trends, and position yourself for professional success in CS.

1: SuccessHACKER

SuccessHACKER is a CS advisory firm with a mission to inspire, educate and empower the people who power the CS economy. On their YouTube channel, you’ll find everything from quick bites of advice to in-depth discussions with CS leaders.


“Customer Success managers are beginning to realize there is no ‘easy’ button,” says the SuccessCOACHING team, the training arm of SuccessHACKER. “Delivering success… starts with the ability and knowledge of the individuals responsible for delivering it.”

Start with:

CSM Mastermind: Sharing Customer Feedback Effectively

CSM Mastermind: Handling High-Risk Customers and Preventing Churn

Moments of Truth (playlist): Focused, impactful CS advice from leaders.

2: CSM Practice

A consulting firm that specializes in helping tech and services organizations optimize their CS effectiveness, CSM Practice offers an encyclopedic CS YouTube channel covering everything from the basics of CS to deep dives into KPIs.


Across more than 30 playlists, you’ll discover everything you need to know about upsell, launching CS, customer training, CS careers, customer value management, retention and renewals, customer journey maps, health scores, segmentation, QBRs and much more.

Start with:

Becoming Customer-Centric (playlist): How to champion CS within your organization.

Scaling Customer Success (playlist): Working smarter to scale through automation and data.

Customer Success Career (playlist): Tips for getting hired, then hiring your own team.


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3: Winning by Design

Known for their scientific, data-driven approach to playbook and process design, training, and coaching, Winning By Design is an agency with a long track record of advising CS, sales and marketing teams at high-growth SaaS companies.


Visit their YouTube channel for CS insights focused on recurring revenue generation, the role of CS within companies and the latest strategy-shaping industry trends. We also love their bite-sized CS skills videos that tackle common challenges for CSMs.

Customer Success skills (playlist): Quick tips and best practices for CSMs on the ground

Customer Success Talks (playlist): Weekly discussions on the latest trends with CS leaders

How Customer Success has Changed: CS leaders discuss our industry’s past and future

4: Blake Morgan

A keynote speaker, business author and host of “The Modern Customer Podcast,” Blake Morgan approaches CS from a customer experience perspective—making this one of the best CS YouTube channels for learning to see things through your customer’s eyes.


“Customer experience considers everything the customer goes through,’ says Blake. “It’s everything the customer touches, tastes, smells, hears, sees throughout the experience with the brand.” Check out her channel to see how this approach leads to innovative ideas for customer engagement, digital transformation, and customer-centric leadership.

Start with:

What is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience Metrics Will Improve Your Company’s Performance

What is a Chatbot and Why It’s Important for Customer Experience

5: ChurnZero

ChurnZero—that’s us!—is the CS company dedicated to helping you keep your customers successful, reduce churn, drive adoption and increase net revenue retention.


As well as a platform, we’re a partner too—an approach that extends to our YouTube channel, where you’ll find tips, tactics and advice from our team, our customers and CS leaders across the industry.

Start with:

How to have more strategic customer conversations (with Bob London)

Crash Course in Customer Success and SaaS Metrics (with Dave Kellogg)

CS Operations: Strategies, Tactics & Goals (RYG Leadership Hour)


But wait: there’s more (online education)

YouTube’s platform and format isn’t for everyone. If you have a different learning style—or want to complement your YouTube learning with different formats—try these resources, too.

The top LinkedIn Learning courses for Customer Success

The top five Udemy courses for Customer Success

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*Source: HootSuite


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