Jun 22, 2021

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Top 5 Udemy Courses to Upskill Your Customer Success Career


Udemy - Customer Success courses

Looking for a way to upskill or even reskill your Customer Success career? Udemy is an e-learning platform that is here to help you do just that. Their mission is to improve lives through learning and it’s the largest online destination that help students and businesses gain skills from expert instructors teaching over 155,00 online courses on topics from programming to leadership to Customer Success.

To help make it easy and know what Customer Success courses are out there for you to take, we have compiled a list of our top five recommended courses for you to sign up for and start taking today from the comfort of your own home.


1.) Customer Success – How to Understand Your Customers (Turn Listening into Fantastic Results)

Created by: Chuck Wall, Founder & CEO, MarketPowerGroup

Format: 1 hour on-demand video

Includes: 1 downloadable resource and certificate on completion

This course is for:  If you work with customers and are interested in the topics of marketing, market research, sales, customer service and strategy this course is for you. It will help you have a deeper understanding of today’s changing and more demanding customer.

Description: If you want to deliver the fantastic results your company needs in today’s crazy marketplace, it’s time to start listening to your customers like never before. 

Listening is where you start; it’s the beginning of deeper understanding.  Understanding your customers provides you with clear insight.  And this clear insight will help you solve the real problems they need to solve.  But it’s not always easy to understand today’s customers because they can be hard to figure out.  

So, you’ve got to go deeper and become an “Insight Miner.”  This course will show you how to begin.

In this course, you are going to learn some critical pieces to the customer puzzle:

  • The three little words that will change your relationships with customers forever
  • Why you must grasp The Four Spinning Plates of business 
  • How to close the growing “experience gap” between your company and your customers
  • How the Customer Engagement Pyramid is an essential building block to success
  • What customer insight really is and isn’t
  • How “Big Data” is different than “Big Insight”
  • How to create winning propositions the will turn reluctant prospects into loyal customers

Additional Follow Up Courses:


2.) CSMath: Make Data-Driven Decision in Customer Success

Created by: Ed Powers

Format: 2.5 hour on-demand video

Includes: 1 downloadable resource and certificate on completion

This course is for:

  • Customer Success Operations
  • Customer Success Leaders (CCOS, VPs, Directors)
  • Customer Operations

“Be more data-driven!” That’s the mantra from the senior bosses, but what does it mean?

Surprisingly, those same SaaS executives routinely make bad decisions simply because they misinterpret their data.

Becoming data-driven isn’t about using data–it’s about using data correctly.

This learning series helps Customer Success Operations, Customer Operations, Customer Success leaders, and business analysts learn and apply practical statistics in real-world Customer Success applications.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Track churn accurately
  • Analyze NPS and CSAT in new ways
  • Construct predictive customer health dashboards
  • Forecast renewal revenue with precision
  • Improve your processes

As a result, you’ll facilitate better decisions and improve operational performance.

This course features downloadable exercises in Excel to practice applying the concepts, quizzes to reinforce learning, and a valuable CSMath Handy Equations and Procedures Guide for using your new skills on the job.

3.) Customer Success: Build Cross-Functional Relationships

Created by: Kristen Hayer, Founder & CEO, The Success League

Format: 1.5 hour on-demand video

Includes: 5 downloadable resources and certificate on completion

This course is for:

  • Customer Success leaders and professionals hoping to build more productive relationships across the organization
  • Professionals currently working in customer-facing roles inside a company
  • Anyone who wants to build better cross-functional partnerships

Have you ever been frustrated because it seems like other teams inside your company don’t care about customers in the same way that you do? Do you want to encourage other teams to adopt a customer focus? Do you wish that you had the ability to effectively lead a cross-functional team in order to drive a better customer experience? If you said yes to any of these questions, this is the course you’re looking for!

Customer Success: Building Cross-Functional Relationships will help you understand the goals and pressures that drive other teams inside of your company, as well as the intersections between each team and Customer Success. We’ll focus specifically on marketing, sales, support, services, product, finance, and leadership. This course will help you create a stronger customer experience by providing practical tips on how to engage other teams in your organization in a way that is meaningful to them. At the end of the course we’ll zero in on three common blockers to building cross-functional relationships, and teach you how to combat them.

My name is Kristen Hayer, and I’m the CEO of The Success League, a Customer Success consulting firm. As a former sales and Customer Success Executive, I’ve seen first hand how poor cross-functional relationships can negatively impact the customer experience. Over time, I learned what drives other teams inside an organization, and how to build strong relationships between groups. I’m excited to share my experience with you in this course!

I’ve included exercises to help you build your skills and worksheets you can start using right away. At the end of the course we provide a resources list full of books, articles and suggestions for continuing your learning on this important topic.

Building skills in cross-functional leadership will enable you to stand out as a CSM, move into management roles, and shine as a leader. This course is designed to help you build the knowledge and skills you need to grow your career in Customer Success. If you’re ready to create more productive partnerships with teams in your company, join me in this course!


4.) Customer Success Manager (CSM) Elite

Created by: Nils Vinje, Founder & CEO, Glide Consulting

Format: 1 hour on-demand video

Includes: 1 downloadable resource and certificate on completion

This course is for:

  • Customer Success Managers
  • People who want to know what it takes to become an Elite Customer Success Manager
  • People who are in a customer facing role
  • People who are responsible for customer accounts
  • This course is not for people looking for an introduction to Customer Success Management

If you are a Customer Success Manager who loves to deliver value to your customers but struggles with how to ‘get it all done’, you need a strong foundation in three key areas to become Elite.

The Elite Customer Success Manager…

  • Has complete control over their time and calendar so they can methodically and consciously work through each day while their colleagues run around in a frantic state as they attempt to put out fire after fire.
  • Has put the same level of time and effort into building strategic relationships internally as they do with their customers. These relationships enable the Elite CSM to get more done in less time and ultimately deliver for their customers at a higher level.
  • Has mastered the most important areas when it comes to working with customers. They know…
    • How to knock every customer call out of the park
    • How to dig deeper with customers to go beyond surface-level conversations
    • How to prioritize so it’s not only the ‘squeaky wheels’ that get the grease
    • How to do account planning so they can double their capacity
    • How to escalate when there’s a real problem and look like a rock star.

I went from Customer Success Manager to VP of Customer Success in 2.5 years. After a year of being VP of Customer Success, I worked myself out of the job.

I left and started Glide Consulting and since January of 2015 have been working with the fastest growing SaaS businesses to help them build world-class Customer Success organizations.

The strategies I used to accelerate from CSM to VP and have taught my private clients since 2015 are inside this course. I took the best of the best so you don’t have to do the guesswork and instead get the cheat sheet to growing your career in Customer Success.


5.) Customer Success Manager: How to Reduce Churn and Increase Retention

Created by: Gustavo Escobar Henríquez

Format: 1.5 hour on-demand video

Includes: 1 downloadable resource, 2 articles, assignments, and certificate on completion

This course is for:

  • This is a beginner – intermediate level course which requires the student to have a working understanding of what Customer Success is, churn, retention, etc., in order to get the most out of this course.
  • Anyone who is looking for new ways to reduce churn in their company and increase retention
  • Entrepreneurs, VPs of Sales, or anyone responsible for sales, that is looking for ways to increase revenue and/or profits in the company
  • Professionals trying to retain their customers for longer periods of time and reduce their loss of clients.

Would you like to learn the most effective ways to reduce the churn in your company? Are you planning on becoming a Customer Success Manager? If so, this is the course for you.

Here I will walk you through step by step the best possible techniques to reduce the churn rate of your company in just a few months.

Looking for a $70,000 job? Want to become a Customer Success Manager?

Did you know that according to PayScale the average salary for a Customer Success Manager is around $70,000 a year? What is most interesting, is that this is a new industry, and there is no college education or official certificate that you can get. So as long as you have the right knowledge, skills and attitude you can become a Customer Success Manager.

In this course on how to reduce churn and increase retention, you will discover the techniques that will allow you to do an extraordinary job as a Customer Success Manager, and you will be ready to talk about these strategies when you get asked in a job interview “how would you reduce the churn in our company?”

Already an experienced Customer Success Manager?

If you are already working as a Customer Success Manager, and you are searching for new ways to tackle your churn problem. Then, even though this course might be too basic for you, ask yourself, if thanks to the information here, you get just one single idea, that allows you to retain one extra customer a year, would that be worth more than the investment of this online course on how to reduce churn?

Chances are that the answer is, YES, IT IS WORTH IT!  Unless your customers pay $10 a year, in which case, saving one customer won’t do much.

Now, the reality is that to reduce churn, you need to be always searching for new ways to increase your retention rate and improve your Customer Success Manager skills.

The investment in this course:

Either if you are trying to become a Customer Success Manager, you just started as one, or you are an experienced CSM, the ideas that you can take from this course are just too valuable, they are worth much more than the few dollars of investment to enroll in this course.

For the price of less than having lunch for two in a cheap fast-food restaurant, you can get new ideas and skills that can have a great impact on you landing one of the best-paid jobs in the tech industry, or that can boost your career as a Customer Success Manager and help you improve your actual churn rate and retention rate.

Additional Course: Customer Success Manger: Fundamentals  to Your CSM Career

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