SPINS Doubles 1:1 Customer Coverage with Playbooks

SPINS is a wellness-focused data company and advocate for the natural products industry. At SPINS, they believe there’s more than meets the eye to data, and they strive to transform raw data into intelligent and actionable business solutions.


Increase in Customer Retention Among SMB Subscriptions


1:1 Customer Coverage


Reduction in At-Risk Revenue

“I do not think we could have managed our feature migration without having ChurnZero to validate where clients were in their transition journey. If it weren’t for ChurnZero’s ability to track product usage, training attendance, and email engagement all in one place, we would have spent more time figuring out who to contact versus actually sending outbound emails.”

Jess Lovell, Vice President, Customer Success | SPINS

The Challenge

The CSM service model for SPINS didn’t allow for 100% coverage of a CSM to every client.

Because of this, CSMs could not proactively communicate with their entire book of business. The team needed to find a low-effort way to engage with customers who did not have a dedicated CSM.

Additionally, SPINS was in the midst of retiring legacy modules from their core product. They needed to migrate one of their most popular modules, which was used by roughly 70% of their customers, to the new version of their tool. With much of their customer base affected by these changes, the team needed a strategy to sunset modules without losing recurring revenue to downgrades or cancelations. They also faced internal blockers within their organization including a moving timeline and a lack of CSM adoption for the new module.

The Process

SPINS partnered with ChurnZero to accomplish the following:

  • Created a customer segmentation strategy based on usage metrics, ChurnScores, and customer meeting counts to target and prioritize customer communications.
  • Launched engagement campaigns powered by their customer segments to drive highly relevant content and outreach to customers, including:
    • Data-tracking reminders. These automated notifications generated meaningful inquiries and interactions from customers, signifying their customers’ growing engagement.
    • New feature, training, and resource announcements. Previously, CSMs had to rely on customers asking questions to be made aware of their need for a resource.
    • At-risk customer consultations. By building a segment for at-risk or “red” ChurnScores – which comprised factors including a customers’ last login, training attendance, and engagement – the team identified and proactively met with customers who would have otherwise only received reactive outreach.
  • Maintained consistent product usage among customers during their legacy software retirement and module migration. Using ChurnZero’s usage tracking, CSMs identified customers who were not adopting the newly migrated module. CSMs created segments for their non- and slow adopters to send important migration messaging and promote team trainings at scale.
  • Reinforced the internal use of the new module with weekly emails to employees who had low usage in the new module and historically high usage in the legacy module.

The Impact

Using ChurnZero, SPINS saw the following results:

  • 2% increase in customer retention among SMB subscriptions
  • Doubled 1:1 customer coverage
  • 100% coverage of accounts with proactive outreach
  • 54% reduction in at-risk revenue within 8 months of using ChurnZero
  • 203% increase YOY in customer training sessions held from targeted CSM outreach
  • No cancelations or downgrades related to the retirement of the legacy software
  • Significant increase in the number of product feedback received from customers wanting to improve the product
SPINS Doubles 1:1 Customer Coverage with Playbooks

How You Can Start

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