Dec 21, 2021

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Top 5 ChurnZero Webinars from 2021 to Watch and Share


Over the last year we’ve created and shared a lot of new content with our Churn Fighting audience that we’re really proud of and have received positive feedback on, especially our thought leadership webinar content. But we know it’s not likely that you were able to catch it all as its been a whirlwind of a year. So instead of living with FOMO, we’re bringing you a recap of the top webinars you all enjoyed the most from us this year.

Check out our top five Customer Success webinars brought to you by ChurnZero in 2021. We hope you enjoy watching these webcasts on-demand (for free). Also, since it’s the giving season, we’d love it if you would share out your favorite ChurnZero webinar with your network to help spread the CS cheer.

1.) The Right Way to Handle Customer Objections and Negotiations 

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Basic negotiation approaches for Customer Success Managers
  • Common customer objections and how to prevent them
  • What to do if the other person won’t negotiate in a fair and open way
  • How to escalate a customer negotiation for the best results

Speaker: Kristen Hayer, Founder & CEO, The Success League

2.) Surviving Stress in Customer Success 

surviving stress in custoemr success

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Change your relationship with stress as a Customer Success professional
  • Avoid burning out from your client and internal workload
  • Cope with stress from people within your job

Speaker: Ryan Johansen, Director of Customer Success, AppDynamics (previously Director of Customer Success at RapidMiner)

3.) B2B SaaS Benchmarks: How Does Your Company Compare to +1500 of Its Peers?

Watch this webinar to cover:

  • A deep dive on 2020 SaaS retention benchmarks and the impacts the pandemic has had
  • Lessons learned over the last year from those within the Customer Success community
  • Overview of the current B2B SaaS market and valuation drivers


  • Rob Belcher, Managing Director, SaaS Capital
  • You Mon Tsang, CEO & Co-Founder, ChurnZero


4.)  Customer Success Maturity Model: Know Where You Stand 

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • An understanding of where you fit in the stages of Customer Success maturity
  • Key questions to answer for each maturity assessment area
  • Steps and action items needed to mature to the next stage


  • Jeff Breunsback, Director of Customer Experience, Higher Logic
  • Bora Lee, Senior Manager, Customer Success Operations, VMare (previously Manager of Customer Engagement at ChurnZero)


5.) Surprising Insights About Customer Scores & Its Impact on Recurring Revenue

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Who is implementing customer health scoring in their organizations
  • The true impact that customer health scores can have
  • Current customer health score trends to know about

Speaker: Irit Eizips, Chief Customer Officer & CEO, CSM Practice

What’s Next

In addition to those great on-demand webinars, we also have exiting content on the horizon. Sign up today for our next upcoming thought leadership webinar titled- How to Scale Your Post-Sales Teams During Periods of Fast Growth.

And as always you can check out the rest of our on-demand webinar content in our Customer Success Resource Library on our website.

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