Jan 10, 2018

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ChurnZero Named Overall SaaS Category Winner in the APPEALIE Awards


Today 31 SaaS apps were recognized for their demonstrated excellence and customer delight. The competition consisted of four categories – Overall SaaS, SaaS Customer Success, iOS Mobile SaaS App, and Andriod Moblie SaaS App.

Entries were evaluated by a judging panel of customer success experts from Chargebee, MeetEdgar, ProsperWorks, and Reply.

“Winning in today’s SaaS marketplace requires customer-obsessed teams and products that consistently deliver value and help their users succeed,” commented Matt Harney, Founder of APPEALIE. “Our focus on customer data, real-life success stories, and client input created a democratic process where entrants were evaluated not on the size of their user base – but on customers delight.”

There was a diverse set of winners, ranging from 6 large, publicly listed SaaS companies – like Salesforce and ServiceNow – to some of the most prominent privately held software platforms – like DocuSign, Intercom, and Slack – to hyper-growth stage apps like ChurnZero, CallRail, MindTickle, and monday.com.

“SaaS has changed software forever,” says You Mon Tsang, CEO & Founder of ChurnZero. “This includes the simplified delivery and on-boarding model, a straightforward business model (monthly, annual), and a real focus on true customer success. While no company likes swapping software systems, the SaaS model makes switching less painful and therefore keeps SaaS providers honest in providing a truly valuable offering.”

We are proud to be recognized in this SaaS winners list. Check out the full list of APPEALIE Award winners here.

About the APPEALIE Awards:

The annual APPEALIE Awards celebrate the apps that users can’t live without.

From virtual collaboration platforms to marketing automation to enterprise-level CRM and beyond, software applications make our lives easier, our work more efficient – and keep our businesses moving. The APPEALIE Awards celebrate innovative SaaS applications that excite, delight and get the job done.

The Appealie Awards are about more than customer satisfaction – they’re about customer delight.
The Appealie is awarded to SaaS applications that exhibit outstanding customer satisfaction and success – in any industry and on any platform.

The APPEALIE Awards are platform-agnostic, democratic and inclusive. Winners are determined using a mix of entrant-supplied customer satisfaction data and the APPEALIE survey that measures engagement across user experience, performance, business value, user interface and customer service.

To learn more visit www.appealie.com.


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