Jan 12, 2018

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5 TED Talks that Translate to Customer Success


Now that we have all returned back to the office from the end-of-year holidays, you might find yourself struggling to hit the ground running. To help give you a little motivation as we start off this new year – we have compiled a set of five TED Talks that we found to be inspiring and that can also help guide us in our Customer Success roles.

Check out these videos to gain some quick tips and inspiration in 15 minutes or less.

Got a Wicked Problem?  First, Tell Me How You Make Toast.

Have you ever come across a problem you didn’t know how to solve? Sure, we all have. This might especially be the case when we are dealing with customers and roadblocks they might be encountering – and they expect answers. Watch this quick video that takes you through an exercise, that might help you solve your biggest and most complicated problems at work.

10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation

In our roles of Customer Success Mangers our job is to talk to customers – not only that but our job hinges on how well you are able to talk to people. Not all conversations come easy. Watch this 10 minute video to learn 10 tips on how to have better conversations.

Success is a Continuous Journey

As a Customer Success Manager we map out a plan for our customers to make them the most successful and help them get the most out of our products or services. Just because we have done our jobs and helped clients see value in the product and get that return on their investment, doesn’t mean our jobs are done. If we neglect that customer assuming that they are pushing forward we might find that might not be the case. Watch this 5 minute TED Talk to grasp the idea that success is not a one-way street, but a constant journey (hello – job security!).

How to Use Others’ Feedback to Learn and Grow

Understating what your customers think about your company is critical if you want to avoid loosing them as a customer. Asking for their feedback is the first step. But then what? Watch this talk to learn how to receive, assess and respond to feedback.

Why We Need to Treat Our Employees as Thoughtfully as Our Customers

Our jobs are to know everything there is to know about our customers and what their overall experience is with us and ensure that it is positive. Here is a video that really puts into perspective why companies should direct some of that same energy towards understanding and engaging with their employees. (Spoiler alert: there are great payoffs.) Maybe also share this one with your boss.

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