Nov 22, 2019

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Introducing BIG RYG


I am soooo excited to announce BIG RYG, ChurnZero’s inaugural industry and user conference built for current and future leaders in Customer Success. We will be hosting this one-day event in Washington DC on October 8, 2020. If you are a ChurnZero customer, there will also be a half-day customer-only training / event the day before on October 7, 2020. 

Let me answer a few questions: 

What does “BIG RYG” mean?

Many of you may have already joined us at our RYG events that we have hosted in cities across North America. RYG is an acronym for “Red Yellow Green” and represents a Customer Success team’s goal to create happy and successful customers and advocates. We want our RYG events to be industry events where smart and motivated professionals want to meet. When we were ready to do a bigger version of this, it just had to be called BIG RYG! 


Why are we doing a Customer Success conference?

One of the most common questions to ChurnZero is: when are you going to have a conference? We hear this question at our local RYG events as well as from our customers all over the world. There are relatively few conferences for Customer Success professionals and there is a hunger and demand for these gathering events that educate, network and inspire. 


How are we doing this conference? 

At ChurnZero, we have a mantra on communications: Speak Simply, Be Real, and Challenge the Audience. We want to have fun but want to keep gimmicks to a minimum. BIG RYG will focus on the people and the content. And the content will not be about Silicon-Valley problems like “how we grew easily to ten gazillion dollars” or “how I magically hired 100 people in a month after raising $100M dollars”. It will be catered to those of us working hard to build growing, strong and sustainable business, however we measure it.  


Why am I excited?

I’ve been in the software business for a long time and my absolutely favorite thing to do is to host a conference. It is not easy work; it can be done badly; it can be done lazily. You won’t get any of that from our team. If you join us at BIG RYG, you will get a thoughtful, well-run conference designed for you to become a more-informed, better-connected, and refreshed leader. 

I hope you can join us in October 2020.  

-You Mon 
CEO, ChurnZero 
churnzero ceo you mon

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