May 18, 2023

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ChurnZero product release notes: Q1 2023


Here’s a list of ChurnZero’s major product releases in Q1 of 2023.  

Work faster with Customer Success AI (CS AI™)

CS AI prompts

CS AI is the first generative artificial intelligence built into a Customer Success platform, and the first designed for the CS industry. CS teams have the option to use the tool’s pre-loaded AI prompts or create their own to instantly synthesize customer data, conduct research, draft communications and templates, and generate strategies.  

CS AI is integrated right into user workflows. The CS AI button can be found in the toolbar as well as in buttons above messaging content in play steps, in content templates, and message review.  

If you’re not a ChurnZero customer, we invite you to try a free version of CS AI 

Manage revenue and expansion with confidence using Renewal and Forecast Hub

ChurnZero Renewal and Forecast Hub dashboard

Predict retention and quantify your CS team’s direct influence on revenue using Renewal and Forecast Hub. With flexible configurations and automatic analytics, this tool gives your CS team a central source of revenue insights and analysis, without the need to manually move and organize data from spreadsheets and CRMs.

CS leaders can forecast, track and analyze projected revenue across their team’s entire book of business, while individual CSMs can do the same for their own accounts.

Stay organized and on top of all customer engagements with Timeline

ChurnZero's Timeline panel displaying customer engagement in chronological order

Built directly into Customer Profile pages, Timeline provides CS teams with an easily accessible list view of an account or contact’s entire historical record of events and related actions.

Users can conveniently view (to prep for the day/meetings), act on (check-off tasks, or create additional activities) or search (search directly or filter down) all relevant upcoming and past customer engagements displayed in chronological order.

Capture, organize, and share deeper customer insights with Notes

ChurnZero notes - open note window

The days of sifting through scattered sticky notes, google docs and third-party notetaking apps for a customer’s note history are gone.

With ChurnZero Notes, CS teams can take long-form notes at the account and contact levels to log key customer information and actions. Notes can be reviewed and sorted by specific filters making it easy to access relevant details.

CSMs can create an efficient notetaking process by using Notes to capture important details, prep for meetings, draft agendas, automate tasks after a note is published, and set up risk alerts for accounts that have gone 90 days without a meeting note creation.

Managers can zoom in on account details by using Notes to review the activity of accounts belonging to their direct reports for one-on-ones and understand customer situations and historical context within minutes.

Increase productivity with Content Templates

Admins can now easily standardize messaging with templated language on any topic, allowing the team to conveniently insert it into their communications.

Use Content Templates to ensure consistent messaging across your customer base when handling standardized topics like objection handling, FAQs, introduction of new features, and customer-facing announcements.

Streamline user and data management

Introducing our latest bundle of features designed to streamline your user and data management tasks! With our Admin Space, admins have a dedicated hub for all configurations, making it easier than ever to manage users and data. Admins can now bulk manage users, making changes to multiple profiles all at once, saving valuable time and effort.

But that’s not all – with our transparency feature, CS teams can gain insight into user integrations, ensuring that data is always in sync and up to date. And speaking of syncing, our powerful sync controls give CS teams complete control over the data going to and from their CRM, allowing them to manage data with ease.

Want to dive deeper into a ChurnZero feature or see it in action? Schedule your demo today.


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