Selling For People Who Don't Love Sales

Webinar On Demand

So, you signed up for a Customer Success gig and now your boss wants you to upsell? And expand? And have all of those price increase conversations?

“But I didn’t want a job in Sales!”

In this upcoming webinar, you’ll learn how selling and taking great care of your customers actually go hand in hand. Bryan Neale, Founder of Blind Zebra Consulting and self-proclaimed “CS Sales Whisperer,” will redefine and simplify selling for the Customer Success pro.

Webinar participants will learn how we think about selling is just as important as the things we say and do. At the end of the session, CSMs will feel more empowered than ever to have what may currently feel like uncomfortable conversations and walk away with actionable tips they can implement immediately.

Join us to learn:
  • The Holy Trinity of CS selling philosophy
  • Language framework to “get into” the sales conversation
  • How to never get ghosted again