DevLess: Optimizing Automations Without Web Development Expertise

Presenter: Nick Lewandowski, Sales Engineer @ ChurnZero

Webinar On Demand

You know a customer success platform will advantage your team to best manage the customer experience, but you don’t have the expertise to write the code for the automations you need and your development teams are too busy maintaining and improving your own software. Enter: ChurnZero’s DevLess feature. With DevLess, you don’t need to be a coding master to configure the tracking and data that would best help your organization succeed. Leave your development teams to focus on your own company’s products while still letting your CS team do what they do best – spending as much time as possible to help your customers succeed.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:
  • Easy-to-use DevLess, especially for those without web development expertise
  • Shortening time to value by capturing page visits and usage event data
  • How to enhance your in-app customer experience with Walkthroughs