Crash Course in Customer Success and SaaS Metrics with Dave Kellogg

Webinar On Demand
Join this session with leading SaaS expert Dave Kellogg and ChurnZero CEO, You Mon Tsang, where You Mon asks all the questions you want to know about SaaS metrics like ARR, NRR, GRR, LTV, and CAC (i.e., all the metrics your CEO and CFO care about). They’ll also discuss the impact on your plans as a Customer Success professional and your company overall.
  • Speaker: Dave Kellogg, principal, Dave Kellogg Consulting
  • Moderator: You Mon Tsang, CEO, ChurnZero
In this webinar, we’ll cover:

• A brief history of SaaS metrics and where they are headed
• Key SaaS and Customer Success metrics you should care about
• What boards and investors expect from your CS organization