Beyond ROI: Reverse engineering the buyer journey for renewal success

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In an evolving economic landscape, the traditional reliance on ROI as the primary metric for renewal justification is no longer sufficient. Companies now prioritize cash flow and cost efficiency, resulting in challenges when facing renewals with minor price increases, even if the software’s value is acknowledged.

To ensure successful renewals, CSMs need to shift their focus. They should strive to understand the objectives of financial and procurement stakeholders, anticipate budget constraints, and employ the full toolbox of commercial levers that might help their customer’s financial situation. This proactive strategy not only simplifies the renewal process but also strengthens long-term customer relationships, discouraging customers from switching vendors.

Join our speaker, Adil Dittmer, as he shares how to reverse engineer the buyer journey for robust renewals in today’s cash-centric economy.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:
  • Why ROI is not a compelling value driver in this economy
  • How to proactively approach renewals by reverse engineering the buyer and finance mindset
  • What techniques can build stronger customer relationships