Sep 30, 2022

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ChurnZero integrates Snowflake into Customer Success platform


Integration offers Customer Success teams a unified view of customer accounts, contacts, events and more in their ChurnZero dashboard.

WASHINGTON, DC – September 30, 2022: ChurnZero, a leading platform and partner for Customer Success, today announced its integration with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. ChurnZero’s customers will benefit from easier access to important data stored on Snowflake, saving time and complexity as they focus on the critical work of driving retention, expansion, and revenue for their companies.

ChurnZero’s Snowflake integration allows the Customer Success teams who use ChurnZero’s platform to sync data from Snowflake directly into their ChurnZero dashboards, giving them a single source of the latest information on accounts, contacts, events and more. Utilizing Snowflake’s SQL API to import data into ChurnZero, the integration provides a one-way connection from Snowflake to ChurnZero via Rest API, protecting data in both systems and never requiring users to save their Snowflake account information.

With no developer time, manual data pushing, or sensitive account information required from users, the Snowflake integration exemplifies ChurnZero’s commitment to helping its customers access and share the data they need without extra work. ChurnZero’s platform also offers bi-directional CRM integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot, custom KPI dashboards, Salesforce integrated dashboards, an integrated Zendesk app, chatbot integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams, and more.

“Data is the lifeblood of effective Customer Success teams and customer-centric companies, and ChurnZero is a platform that puts the data everywhere it needs to be,” said You Mon Tsang, CEO and co-founder, ChurnZero. “This connection between ChurnZero and Snowflake gives our users more insight to keep customer accounts healthy, with no developer resources required on the user’s part.”

About ChurnZero

ChurnZero is a recognized leader in Customer Success dedicated to helping subscription businesses succeed at scale. The company is known for its powerful, Customer Success platform and ongoing partnership with its customers to ensure they get everything they need to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and deliver the best possible customer experiences.

Through the platform, Customer Success teams can spot potential churn risks early and identify renewal and expansion opportunities. Best-in-class automation and in-app communication make it easy to engage with customers and lead them to value.

As Customer Success professionals serving Customer Success professionals, the ChurnZero team prides itself on being trusted partners, consultants, and coaches, so customers can focus on the work that matters to grow their businesses.

Founded in 2015, ChurnZero is a remote-first company with headquarters in Washington, D.C., and an office in Amsterdam.


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