SaaS EdTech Company Sees 70% Increase in User Adoption

Sibme's mission is to impact student success by combining innovative, user-friendly technology solutions, implementation expertise, and ongoing support and partnership to connect educators and transform the way they learn and grow professionally. Sibme has helped thousands of current and future teachers in schools throughout the world.


Increase in NPS® for End Users in One Year


Increase in User Adoption in One Year


Increase in Active Time in App in One Year

“As a lean startup, we are always trying to do ‘more with less,’ which can result in some chaotic experiences for our team. Implementing ChurnZero has helped us ‘grow up’ as a team. As we’ve hired new employees, it’s been amazing to watch how easy it is to onboard them because of a process that is so well defined and has proven results.”

TJ Hoffman, Chief Operating Officer | Sibme

Sibme Success Story

The Challenge

Like many SaaS products, the multitude of features and use cases that Sibme powers can, at times, overwhelm new users.

This is complicated by the fact that their product’s end users don’t often participate in the Onboarding and Customer Success process. In turn, their team has largely depended on key stakeholders in customer organizations to message and implement product adoption. And while NPS and adoption rates for key stakeholders have historically been strong, they’ve been suboptimal for end users given their lack of engagement.

Additionally, as Sibme’s customer base grew, their nimble Customer Success and Onboarding teams experienced challenges scaling and providing the same level of customized support as they did with a smaller book of business.

The Process

To increase both their product adoption and customer satisfaction metrics, the team needed to enhance their onboarding process and embed customer feedback and usage data into customer touchpoints.

Sibme and ChurnZero partnered to accomplish the following:

  • Create more targeted customer segments based on a variety of factors, such as use case, activity, NPS, length of adoption, and more. Now, the team can quickly compile a Segment to analyze a cohort of customers and find the training and marketing assets best suited to their needs.
  • Build a series of highly customized Journeys and Plays powered by their new Segments. By automating customer touchpoints, the team has been able to scale their outreach and track the performance of their onboarding and training materials. Using engagement metrics, the team can gauge which assets generate the most engagement among customers, and which need improvement.
  • Centralize key customer data – including usage metrics, customer journey insights, customer engagement notes, NPS, support requests (via Intercom integration), and more – to identify which users require additional attention and when key stakeholders need to be brought in for more efficient escalation management.
  • Increase cross-departmental collaboration among Customer Success, Sales, Onboarding, and Marketing teams. Using ChurnZero, teams outside of Customer Success can instantly access customer data in weekly meetings to create action items across the company. This multi-tiered system of support for customers not only increased their users’ activity, but also contributed to deeper and more productive customer relationships.

The Impact

In one year, Sibme saw:

  • 45-point increase in NPS for end users
  • 70% increase in user adoption
  • 50% increase in active time in app
  • 21% increase in Net Revenue Retention (NRR)
  • 47% increase in license utilization
  • 50% increase in referral opportunities for Sales
SaaS EdTech Company Sees 70% Increase in User Adoption

How You Can Start

To find out how you can proactively engage customers and better understand your user behavior to reduce churn, schedule your demo of ChurnZero today.