May 26, 2021

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Top 5 Slack Communities for Customer Success Professionals



If you work in the tech world you’ve certainly heard of Slack even if you haven’t used it before yourself. Slack has transformed business communication. It’s the leading channel-based messaging platform, used by millions to align their teams, unify systems, and drive their businesses forward.

When we think of Slack, we usually think of it as an internal communication tool, however many people do not realize it can also be used for external communication as well. Thousands of user-created Slack communities exist that allow people to virtually meet and discuss a certain topic or practice.

There are a number of Slack communities that have been created specifically for Customer Success professionals. These Customer Success communities are used to discuss emerging CS topics, share best practices and resources, and even provide networking and job posting capabilities.  

Since joining a Slack community usually requires an invite from an existing member, it can be kind of tricky to know which ones are out there to consider being a part of. To help with this, we have curated a list of the top five Customer Success Slack communities available for you to join today.

1.) CS in Focus

Customer Success is about setting up customers to succeed, supporting them every step of the way, helping them overcome challenges, and celebrating their wins. CS in Focus applies the same mentality to Customer Success professionals.

CS in Focus is an organization committed to building a strong Customer Success community through events and resource-development, with the goal of setting community members up for success.

Join nearly 1,000 Customer Success professionals in their Slack community to learn, collaborate, and be the first to know about upcoming events, exciting news, and exclusive content for their community.

2.) Customer Success Leadership Network

customer success leadership network
The Customer Success Leadership Network operates as the central hub and premier networking forum for Customer Success professionals worldwide. The CSN empowers client-facing experts to collaborate with their peers in sharing best practices, implementation tips, key metrics, and CS transformation trends.

Join this global network of Customer Success professionals that are committed to cultivating knowledge exchange and establishing a CS community. You will have the opportunity to learn from thought leaders and key decision makers in the field, and become one yourself, by staying current with every advancement in the Customer Success industry.   

3.) Future of SaaS

Future of SaaS is a collective of passionate SaaS innovators committed to driving demand, adoption and the overall success of their products.

With different structures, strategies, and priorities, this community appreciates that no two SaaS organizations look the same which is why their coverage is broad – from product-led growth to revenue optimization, fundraising to teamwork, and analytics to onboarding. Whatever takes your fancy.

This free online resource is dedicated to helping you sharpen your ideas and learn how to grow faster and smarter. You’ll also get to know SaaS experts all over the world!

4.) Preflight

Preflight is an exclusive tribe of leaders and practitioners who manage customer onboarding, implementations, and value delivery.

By joining Preflight you will be able to learn from your peers and get answers to questions when you feel stuck in your customer onboarding journey. You can also unlock world-class resources like videos, guides, and readymade templates at your fingertips to help with customer onboardings.

The Slack community also offers the opportunity to grow your network by connecting and engaging with +400 like-minded professionals.

5.) Support Driven

Support Driven is an online community of more than 4,000 members who care deeply about support. They ask questions, share expertise, and help each other via the Support Driven Slack,, and at events like SD Expo and SD Leadership Summit (formerly SUPCONF events).

Support Driven exists to serve the community of customer support professionals. They are dedicated to support as a career and to transforming the CS industry.


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