Jun 15, 2018

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Churn Monster: Disengaged


We are starting a new blog series on “Churn Monsters” (i.e. common churn risks your company might be facing). We will feature one new churn monster a month. In this series we will take a look at a life-like scenario involving that churn monster and give you a rundown of how that churn monster might be successfully defeated.

Sound good? OK let’s get started!


You are into the first year of working with your client, Dave. He went through a successful on-boarding process. At that time he seemed interested and excited about getting your product up and running. It’s been three months since he completed the training program. You haven’t heard anything from Dave in awhile, so you decide to reach out. You set up a check-in phone call. Dave accepts the meeting request, but shows up a few minutes late. During the call Dave seems pretty distant and from the sound of it hasn’t been actively using your product or made much progress. You are worried that things has taken an unexpected turn from where you thought Dave would be at this point. What do you do?

Plan of Action:

While on the phone with Dave you talk about a newer product feature that he hasn’t yet utilized that you think he might be interested in. And you’re right. This helps to peak his interest again. You set up a call for later that same week to walk him through the new feature and it’s benefits.

As soon as you get off the phone with Dave you set up an automated alert to track his product usage. This way if his logins and usage start to trend downward you will be automatically alerted via email. This alert will allow you to proactively stay on top of things with Dave and his account.

After your demo of the new product feature you take the liberty of putting together a project task list for Dave to help encourage utilization and adoption of this feature and others that he could benefit from. You start with smaller and more attainable goals at first to help build his motivation and confidence back up. You also get more regular check-in calls set on the calendar to make sure you are offering yourself as a resource to help Dave progress forward in his first year journey with your company.

It was a close call with losing Dave as a customer, but the good news is you were able to get him back on track and won’t find yourself surprised by this disengaged churn monster again!

Happy churn monster fighting!

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