Aug 25, 2020

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8 BIG RYG Speakers to Follow on Twitter


Twitter can be a goldmine for discovering the latest Customer Success trends and strategies. But do you know where to look for them? 

Don’t just limit yourself to searching hashtags like #CustomerSuccess and #retention. Get excited for the BIG RYG Customer Success Conference by getting to know some of our individual speakers. 

What makes the BIG RYG Customer Success Conference so special is our incredible lineup of speakers and entrepreneurs. From start-up veterans to CS Leaders, venture capitalists and more, our speakers bring fascinating perspectives to all things Customer Success.  

Here are eight BIG RYG speakers and entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter:  

  1. Anna Talerico, Arthur Ventures
    Anna (@annatalerico) is an Operating Partner at Arthur Ventures,an early growth capital firm that leads investments in B2B software companies located outside Silicon Valley. Anna works with portfolio companies to find opportunities to accelerate growth and create value. Her focus is on capital-efficient, go-to-market strategies across sales, marketing, customer success and support. She thrives on helping entrepreneurs tackle challenges like reducing customer churn, creating efficient sales teams, increasing product adoption, and building a positive culture. Find Anna on Track 2 on Thursday, October 8th as she presents “Be the Sherlock Holmes of Customer Success: Uncovering Hidden Points of Contact.” 


  1. Godard Abel, G2
    Godard (@godardabel)is CEO of G2, a business software review website he co-founded in 2012. Previously Godard served as CEO of SteelBrick which was acquired by Salesforce in 2016. He subsequently served as SVP/GM of the SteelBrick business unit until May 2017 when he left to refocus on entrepreneurial adventures. Godard was named to the Tech 50 list by Crain’s Business Chicago in September 2014 and to the Chicago Entrepreneur Hall of Fame in 2011. Join him at BIG RYG’s Keynote “Gainsight, G2, and Pendo CEOs Discuss the Future of the Customer, Moderated by ChurnZero.” 


  1. Jay Nathan- Customer ImperativeJay Nathan, Higher Logic
    Jay (@jaynathan) is Chief Customer Officer at Higher Logic, a leading SaaS-based online community and communications software. Previously Jay founded Customer Imperative, a consultancy focused on B2B SaaS, which eventually developed the Gain Grow Retain customer success leadership community. Over the years he has developed a methodology for building, scaling and operating customer-centered organizations through various functional leadership roles. Join Jay on Track 1 as he presents “Driving Customer Engagement Through Community: The Story of Gain Grow Retain.” 


  1. Abby HammerAbby Hammer, ChurnZero
    Abby (@abbyhams) is a founding team member and the Chief Customer Officer at ChurnZero, a real-time Customer Success platform. In her role, Abby is responsible for delivering the best customer experience throughout all points of the ChurnZero customer lifecycle. She drives product strategy and execution and leads the Customer Success team, which delivers customer implementations and works to drive adoption, engagement and expansion across the ChurnZero platform. Prior to joining ChurnZero, Abby was the Director of Product Management at iContact and Cision (formerly Vocus) which are leaders in the email marketing, marketing automation and public relations spaces. Join Abby for BIG RYG’s opening remarks on October 8th


  1. Nick Mehta, Gainsight
    Nick (@nrmehta)is CEO of Gainsight, the Customer Success company. He works with a team of nearly 700 people who together have created the customer success category that’s taking over the SaaS business model worldwide. Nick has been named one of the Top SaaS CEOs by the Software report three years in a row, one of the Top CEOs of 2018 by Comparably, was a finalist for EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and holds one of highest Glassdoor approval ratings for CEOs. Join Nick at BIG RYG’s Keynote “Gainsight, G2, and Pendo CEOs Discuss the Future of the Customer, Moderated by ChurnZero.” 


  1. Kristen Hayer, The Success League
    Kristen (@kristenhayer) is the Founder & CEO of The Success League, a leading consulting firm that helps growing businesses plan, build and scale their Customer Success teams. Her expertise spans Account Management, Professional Services, Technical Support and Success Operations. Kristen and her team support clients by providing everything from single training sessions all the way to setting CS organizations from scratch. Join Kristen Hayer and Will Lopez on BIG RYG’s Track 2 as they discuss “Managing and Running a Customer Success Team in the Age of Remote Work.” 


  1. Todd Olson,
    Todd (@tolson) is Co-founder and CEO of, a product cloud that helps product teams deliver software customers love. A three-time entrepreneur, Todd teamed up with fellow product leaders and technologists from Red Hat, Cisco, and Google to launch Pendo in October 2013. The company has since raised $206 million in venture capital, landed more than 1,400 customers, and now employs more than 400 people across six offices around the globe. Join Todd alongside his peers from Gainsight, G2 and ChurnZero as he discusses the future of the customer at BIG RYG’s keynote. 


  1. You mOnYou Mon Tsang, ChurnZero
    You Mon (@youmon) is the Co-founder and CEO of ChurnZero, a real-time customer success platform that helps subscription businesses fight churn. Before ChurnZero, You Mon was the CMO of Vocus (now Cision) and CEO of its marketing automation business unit, OutMarket. He is a serial entrepreneur, having founded four software companies, including ChurnZero, Biz360, and Engine140. You Mon will moderate BIG RYG’s keynote “Gainsight, G2, and Pendo CEOs Discuss the Future of the Customer, Moderated by ChurnZero.” 


While we’ve only shared a few of our speakers, be sure to check out the rest of the speaker line up at Ready to learn about Customer Success from the experts? We hope you’ll join us this October.

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