Apr 22, 2022

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What makes ChurnZero a 2022 CODiE award Customer Success finalist?


Did you hear that ChurnZero’s Customer Success team are finalists for a 2022 CODiE Award, the software industry’s only peer-recognized awards program?

We’re in the running for Client Success Team of the Year. As a Customer Success company, this award couldn’t be closer to our hearts. CS is everything we do, and it’s what we’re here to help you do.

That means that our CS team takes a different approach—and it’s one that ChurnZero’s customers love. Here’s how it works.

1: We’re more than a vendor. We’re a partner and a coach.

It takes more than an award-winning platform to run an outstanding CS operation. It takes a team. It takes experience, know-how, and trusted advice from experts who live and breathe Customer Success. As a ChurnZero customer, you get all of this and more.

When you become a ChurnZero customer, you’ll have a team of advocates with you from the start, including a dedicated implementation specialist for onboarding and a dedicated Customer Success manager to help you win. We aim to create a relationship that promotes deep adoption and maximum value.

We know that every customer is different, so we tailor our communications to meet you where you are, with the information you need. When you speak, we listen. Our CS team collects, reviews and follows up on every piece of customer feedback, whether positive or negative. We want you to know that you’re heard, and that your feedback counts.


2: We help customers grow professionally.

The more we can help you know and grow, the more value you’ll deliver with ChurnZero. So, we help you with every aspect of being a CS professional, from using our platform to increasing your influence and impact within your company.

There’s the ChurnZero Academy—free to all customers—with its courses for users, developers and admins, bite-sized tips and tactics, guides and best practices. And the ChurnZero Community: a collaborative, member-led space for passionate CS professionals to learn from each other.

Customers love our weekly Fighting Churn newsletter and monthly industry webinar program, not to mention the RYG Customer Success events that  include our must-attend annual conference in Washington, D.C. this October. From keeping you ahead of the latest CS trends to helping you build advocacy for CS within your organization, we’re committed to your own growth as well as that of your business.


3: We champion ChurnZero’s customers. After all, we’re one of them.

When ChurnZero’s product team develops new features, our CS team is right there at the table to ensure that everything we build is valuable to you. We own the process of delivering customer feedback to our product team, and join them once a quarter to revisit the product roadmap and recommend appropriate changes based on our customers’ feedback and shifting needs.

We’re not just there because it’s the right way to innovate. We’re there because we’re a ChurnZero customer, too. After all, every CS team needs a best-in-class platform to work efficiently and deliver an excellent customer experience at scale. In using our own product, we’re privileged with a deeper understanding of your perspective, challenges and needs as a customer—which helps us help you better.


Until June… stay tuned.

The 2022 CODiE Award winners will be announced in a virtual event on June 8, 2022. We’ll share the results on our LinkedIn channel. Have you followed us yet?

In the meantime, why not see what ChurnZero customers say about us?  


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