RevOps: Connecting Customer Success to the bottom line

Webinar On Demand

As Revenue Operations continues to gain traction, have you been wondering what all the buzz is about? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

RevOps has quickly become the go-to route to boost operational efficiency  and revenue, and Customer Success plays a key role in optimizing the customer lifecycle to increase that revenue potential.

Join this panel session with leading Customer Success and RevOps experts as they discuss how best to streamline customer operations at your company.


  • Nick Thomas, Revenue & Data Architect, Winning by Design
  • Rachel Nazhand, RevOps Evangelist
  • Erol Toker, CEO, Truly.co
In this webinar, we’ll cover:
  • Fundamental principles of RevOps
  • How RevOps impacts Customer Success
  • How to integrate RevOps into your SaaS company