Jan 14, 2020

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ChurnZero Leverages LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s “Data Validation” to Improve Customer Data


LinkedIn Sales Navigator

New feature mitigates churn risk by flagging customer job changes. 

 LinkedIn launched Data Validation, a feature that helps Customer Success professionals manage their contacts and ensure they have the most up-to-date contact data. Data Validation will automatically flag contacts who are no longer with the organization listed in your company’s CRM.  

Contacts who update their employer on LinkedIn will be automatically marked with a “Not at Company” Flag” field in your CRM and this flag can be used to trigger different CRM activities to keep records updated.  

Why Customer Success Managers Should Care 

What does this have to do with ChurnZero? We’re leveraging this new LinkedIn Sales Navigator feature to help Customer Success Managers take the next step. Not only will ChurnZero CSMs have the most up-to-date information always available to them, but they can use that data to create automated plays and alerts to act on these critical updates.  

Chief Customer Officer“Customers leveraging LinkedIn Data Validation are now able to use real-time insights to influence critical workflows when key contacts change jobs,” says Abby Hammer, ChurnZero, Chief Customer Officer.  

“The loss of a champion and/or decision maker is one of the most potentially damaging moments in a customer relationship. This feature empowers CSMs to get in front of the situation and proactively manage the relationship throughout the transition. This solidifies their role as a trusted partner, which then has direct impact on retention and revenue.” 

Here’s how LinkedIn Sales Navigator and ChurnZero automation will support CSMs: 

  1. When a contact is no longer at a company, LinkedIn Sales Navigator maps to a field in Salesforce and updates the record.
  2. Within 24 hours of the record update, LinkedIn Sales Navigator flags it for the Customer Success Manager or Account Executive.
  3. Then using ChurnZero, CS teams can trigger automated workflows based on those real-time insights from LinkedIn.  

Whether a customer on the decision-making committee has left or a champion has changed jobs, CSMs will be armed with the right information to quickly follow up and take action.  


Getting Started 

To get started with this ChurnZero integration you will need to:  

  • Have LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise Edition 
  • Enable a sync with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise Edition with either your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance 
  • Be an active ChurnZero subscriber and sync with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 

For more information about ChurnZero and LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration you can request a demo here.  


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